5 Affordable and Easy Ways to Boost Your Outdoor Living Space

So do not be held back by the urge to build some sort of ultimate outdoor living space. Here are a few really affordable changes that can make your average backyard the perfect relaxing retreat, ideal for lounging around and entertaining.

Want to know more regarding how to make that outdoor shine on a shoestring budget? Here are five easy and inexpensive ways to make your outdoor living space a powerhouse. Read on to learn more!

1. Fire Pits: A Cozy Addition to Your Backyard

Fire pits prove to be an excellent method of creating a warm, cozy feel in your outdoor living room. In fact, they act just like centerpieces for interactions, therefore creating warmth where resistors really have a good time hanging out both day and night, or even when it grows cold. Here is how to create this in your backyard—affordable and stylish.

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Selecting the Right Fire Pit

Assess the type of fire pit that is best adapted to your space and your budget. Various choices are:

  1. Portable Fire Pits: These are great for small spaces and renters as they are movable and come available in a multitude of styles. They’re most often metal.
  2. In-Ground Fire Pits: A more permanent alternative would be an in-ground fire pit. That can be made of bricks, stones, and even concrete; that way, it will blend perfectly with your yard’s landscaping plan.
  3. Fire Pit Tables: It can serve a dual purpose by being both a fire pit and a table. This, of course, may be used for dining purposes while also providing warmth to the body.

Once your fire pit is ready, make it a cozier experience with comfortable seating and accessories. Place weather-resistant chairs or benches around the pit. For added coziness, include outdoor cushions and blankets.

Fire pits are able to enhance your outdoor living space. It’s actually an affordable means of making memories with loved ones, as it provides warmth and enjoyment throughout the year.
You can get more tips and ideas for your patio.

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2. Outdoor Lighting Gives a Touch to the Outdoor Space

Outdoor lighting can turn just about any outdoor living area into a cozy space perfectly suited to evening relaxation or entertaining friends and family. Here is how to bring in a bit of style as well as cost-effectiveness to your outdoor space through lighting.

Choose the Right Type of Lighting

  • String Lighting: Versatile and relatively low-cost, string lights can add a warm, festive glow to just about any space where one might be enjoying them. They can be draped across patios or wrapped around trees and, fences.
  • Solar Lights: These lights are energy efficient, eco-friendly, and, therefore,, excellent for lighting pathways and other areas of the garden. They collect all their energy during the day and, hence, automatically light themselves up in the darkness.
  • Lantern: A lantern brings about that rustic, elegant touch in your outdoors, whether it is put on top of a table, hung from a hook or just lined along the pathway.
  • Spotlights: Some outdoor lights are spotlights, and they are best applied to certain features of one’s outdoor space, such as trees, statues, and architectural elements. When opting to use LED spotlights, a feature of energy efficiency can be expected. There is longer illumination, too.

Improving one’s outdoor living space with lighting need not be very expensive. With the right choices in lighting types and selections, it is possible to transform one’s backyard and enjoy a great evening in comfort.

3. Creating a Functional Outdoor Kitchen While on a Budget

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to extend your living space to the outdoors, maximizing the use of your backyard. Building such a kitchen can be costly, but you do not have to spend a lot of money to achieve this. Here is how to build a functional outdoor kitchen while staying on budget.

Start with the Basics

Just because you are building an outdoor kitchen doesn’t mean that it has to be fancy. A grill, a countertop for prep work, and some storage space are enough to get started. Find budget-friendly grills that provide good quality without the high costs.

Simple Storage Solutions

Every outdoor kitchen requires some kind of storage, but that doesn’t have to be expensive. Metal shelving works perfectly for this purpose, as does repurposed furniture. Another good and inexpensive option is waterproof storage bins to keep your utensils and cookware organized and weather-proof.

Add Personal Touches

Small, affordable touches will help complete your outdoor kitchen. String lights, potted plants, and colorful outdoor cushions add personality and flair without a big investment. Find budget-friendly decorations that fit your style to help create ambiance outdoors.

4. Budget Patio Covers and Shade Products

A comfortable outdoor room requires cooling and shading the area during extremely hot summer periods. Thankfully, there are a number of affordable patio covers and shade products that allow you to enjoy your backyard without breaking the bank.

Canopy Tents

One of the cheapest shade-providing options is canopy tents. They are quick and easy to set up and can be moved around as needed. Ensure the materials are long-lasting to withstand bad weather conditions.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are a fashionable and affordable patio cover option. These triangular or square pieces of fabric can be anchored between trees, poles, or the side of your house. Available in many colors and sizes, shade sails are easy to install and can be adjusted to provide shade where needed.

Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas are classic, relatively inexpensive options that work wonderfully in small areas. They provide plenty of shade and can be moved or tilted to adjust the shading angle. Ensure they last by choosing a sturdy umbrella base and UV-resistant fabric.


Pergolas are more permanent solutions for shade that are still relatively affordable. You can build these using wood or metal to create an open frame where you can train climbing plants or attach fabric covers. A pergola can enhance the look of your outdoor yard. If you’re a do-it-yourself type, you can save on construction by building a pergola yourself with a DIY kit.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings allow you to provide shade when necessary and retract it when not. Typically attached to the side of the house, these awnings can be extended or retracted by a crank or motor. Although they can be costly, retractable awnings are durable and provide long-lasting service.

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains are an easy, inexpensive way to shade or privatize your patio. Hang them from a pergola, a gazebo, or a DIY curtain rod. Outdoor curtains come in varied colors and materials to complement your outdoor decor. They can be pulled shut to block the sun and opened to welcome the breeze.

With a little creativity and proper planning, you can enrich your outdoor living space with these affordable covered patio solutions without breaking the bank. Enjoy your outdoor patio even on the brightest of days!

5. Water Features for a Relaxing Ambiance

Water features are a suitable addition to any outdoor living space, providing a calming and serene touch. They enhance the beauty of your yard and create a peaceful environment to unwind after long, hectic days. If you want to add water features for a soothing and serene effect, below are some specific outdoor living space ideas.

Small Garden Fountains

A small garden fountain is a common addition to create a soothing environment. They are available in a wide range of designs, from classic tiered fountains to modern,, sleek styles. Placing a small fountain in a corner of your patio or garden will immediately set the mood. The soft sound of flowing water masks unwanted background noises, providing a peaceful backdrop for relaxation and conversation.

DIY Container Water Gardens

Another affordable option is a DIY container with a water feature. You only need a deep container, a few plants that thrive in water, and a small fountain pump. Fill the container with water, add your plants, and set up the pump to keep the water moving. This easy yet charming outdoor feature can be created in an afternoon.

Birdbaths with Bubblers

Birdbaths make excellent relaxing water features and attract wildlife. Adding a bubbler to a birdbath enhances its visual appeal and makes it more inviting to birds, bringing a touch of nature’s beauty to your yard.

Wall-Mounted Waterfalls

For limited space, wall-mounted waterfalls are ideal. A sturdy wall can support one of these features, offering the look and sound of falling water without occupying ground space.

Pondless Waterfalls

For those who love the idea of a waterfall but do not want the maintenance of a pond, pondless waterfalls are the perfect solution. These features have a hidden reservoir as the water source, using a recirculating system to achieve the look and sound of a waterfall without the hassle of a large body of standing water.

Final Thoughts

Making your outdoor space more livable does not always have to be an expensive project. These five low-cost ideas will help you turn your yard into a masterpiece, increasing the value of your home and bringing joy to your life. Consider creating a cozy fire pit, using creative lighting solutions, and employing budget-friendly outdoor design ideas to make your exterior stunning at low costs.

If you’re ready to take your outdoor living space to the next level, you might consider reaching out to hardscape professionals. At Coastal Patio Pavers, we can help you with all your needs. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion about your project and start planning your ideal outdoor entertaining space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an outdoor living space?

An outdoor living space, in general, refers to a backyard or any other area outside your residence where you get to unwind, enjoy some good times with your loved ones, or even entertain your neighbors occasionally. In most cases, it would include outdoor seating, dining areas, fire pits, and sometimes outdoor kitchens as well. The idea is to have a functional, inviting space as an extension of your indoor living area.

How much does an outdoor living room cost?

You might spend,, on average,, between $3,000 and $15,000. The outdoor living space development cost can differ greatly depending on the size, features, and materials used for the building. A simple setup with average furniture used outdoors and fewer features is most likely to cost less on the lower end of this scale. More complex outdoor living space designs with custom-built structures, better quality outdoor furniture, and extra features such as fire pits or outdoor kitchens are going to increase your cost.

What materials are best for outdoor living spaces?

Durable and weather-resistant materials would work best for the outdoors. Here are some of the popular options for that:

  1. Wood: Treated wood or composite decking works really well for floors and structures.
  2. Stone and Pavers: Patios and pathways done in stone or pavers give a natural, elegant look.
  3. Metal furniture: Aluminum or stainless steel will last longer and have low maintenance.
  4. Outdoor Fabrics: Weather-resistant cushions and pillows add comfort and style.

Can Outdoor Living Spaces Really Be Used Year-Round?

Absolutely, they can-if you take the right precautions. Adding a feature-such as an outdoor fireplace-will keep it warm in the colder weather. In addition, many pieces of furniture are weatherproof,, so your backyard space can stay safe from the elements.

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