6 Reasons Technology is Affecting the Divorce Rate

Technology is not a new thing. Its history is old like of human. The pyramids of Egypt are thousands of years old, which means technology existed at that time. In the modern world, not the technology itself but the pace of technological advancement profoundly affects our lives. Many old-fashioned households in our houses are replaced by new and ones with advanced features. These advancements in technology have made our lives easy and comfortable by providing unique tools that have improved our lifestyle. 

The impact of technology on married life is also significant. Besides helping and supporting effect on our life, unfortunately, some negative consequences are also there. The increasing divorce rate is one of them. There can be many reasons for divorce like

  1. Abusive relationship
  2. S”xual incompatibility (Physhical)
  3. Differences in thoughts
  4. Two-timing partners

But some studies prove that advancements in technology and social media have increased the divorce rate. Spending more than required time on watching television, the internet, and text messages are good examples. There can be some other technology-related reasons for the increasing divorce rate. In the below lines, we will discuss these points one by one.

1. Financial Issues due to increased expensive desires

Due to advancements in technology, almost all companies are trying hard to invent new things with some advancement, new and powerful features, and new gadgets. One example is the mobile phone. The introduction of the new iPhone attracts people to buy and use new gadgets. As these new models are equipped with new and powerful gadgets, a high price of these iPhones is expected. Many people cannot afford these expensive products. Things become worse when one family member is more obsessed with using these new products while others cannot afford them. Increased desire to use these high-priced products and the economic conditions of the people create problems in life that affect the quality of marriage life or increases the divorce rate.

2. Social media

People are now spending more time on social media. They keep themselves busy reading news feeds from their friend on Facebook and Instagram. People spend their time on social media any time of the day, but problems worsen when more time is spent before sleep. Excessive use of Social media can lead to forgetting many things in our life like

  1. Relationships
  2. Attention on life partner
  3. Less Participation from one side in different issues 

So, Social media can affect married life due to following reasons.

  • Online affair.

There is a possibility for those people who have a tendency for infidelity. Online dating websites provide the opportunity for such people. So, they can have hidden affairs. 

  • Virtual priority

Some people give more importance to online happening than in real life. Any comment under your partner’s photo can cause confusion. This can cause problems in married life. These posts and photos can be used as online proof in court to get a divorce. 

3. Less time for the partner

People spend more time on social media. Younger couples are more affected by technology than older ones. People spend the entire day in the office working on a computer. But when they return home, they spend time watching T.V. and on social media and ignore their life partner. This reduces available free time leading to minimize communication with the partner. This can cause some untold problems and misunderstandings. The partners do not discuss these areas of dissatisfaction due to lack of time. So, differences grow, leading to thoughts of divorce.

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4. Social life

Our social life is also change due to technology. People post their status and photos every going out on Facebook and Instagram. Married couples have less time for dining outside, attending a music concert, and attending other social gatherings together. They don’t give time to each other for such events, but everything is done to share on social media to get likes/comments or to increase followers. So, lack of social life selfish attitude destroying married life leading to divorce. 

5.Texting, a changed communication

Many married couples use texting as their usual method of communication with each other. This method is reducing face to face communication. Text messages about news, gossip, and information usually consist of short words, some signals, and lack complete communication. These messages are unable to show body language and tone of talking to the text receiver. At the same time, face to face discussions elaborates more as it consists of body language and tone of talking required for satisfying others. So, texting, a primary source of communication, can confuse the spouse leading to distorted connection. 

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6. Lack of intimacy

Caring for a partner’s feelings and keeping secrets is more important than sharing intimate things with publicity. People share all events in the office and social gatherings with the public through social media and ignore life partners. They don’t exchange romantic words with a partner, exchange opinions, and share events. Even while lying on the bed with my beloved, people spend time on social media and watching T.V. This can affect married life and cause divorce, marriage annulment, or legal separation. 


Humans are social by nature and cannot live without the company of other people. People can bring back happiness to life by acting socially. Giving time to a beloved one is one factor to have happy marital life. Paying respect to each other’s thoughts, sharing opinions and problems with a partner also have a good impact on married life. 

Technology also has a beneficial effect on married life because it may provide helpful tools in everyday life and solve many issues. But it depends upon both partners. Physical and social needs are more important than the emotional aspect of life. To have a good married life, set priorities judiciously, and don’t let technology affect your married life. Instead, discuss and share everything with your partner. Have dinner outside regularly if you can afford, attend a music concert and social gathering together. At least one this you can have on a daily basis is a regular daily walk together. 

There are many online platforms that provide good support for married life by providing articles for successful and happy married life. 

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