5 Tips to Get Divorced with an Abusive Spouse

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a very common occurrence, despite all the civilizations of the modern world. And in 95% of cases, women are victims of abuse because most of them are not able to protect themselves physically. However, this is not a sentence.

If you physically cannot protect yourself and your children from a spouse who does not feel the boundaries of normal relations, then you can always protect yourself with the help of the law. And the first thing to do is get divorced. The real-life suggests that such people do not change, so preserving this marriage, you dig your own grave, and your children are deprived of the opportunity to see a normal picture of the family. In this article, we tell how to divorce from an abusive spouse protecting yourself, your children, and your property.

1. Try to Launch the Process Online

Most likely, if your spouse finds out that you want to divorce him, at best it will be the biggest scandal in which you have ever had to participate, at worst – you risk your health very much. Therefore, it is best to start this process unnoticed and begin to develop a retreat strategy before your husband finds out that you want to deprive him of the opportunity to mock you further.

The best way to take the first but inconspicuous step towards divorce is to file for divorce online. However, be prepared for the fact that this will not save you from litigation. In this case, there is simply a way to start the process without a threat from your spouse. Later, all the evidence that his behaviour is unacceptable will be analyzed in court.

2. Consult with an Attorney

A lawyer can help filling out divorce forms, but in addition, he will tell you how to act correctly in your case so as not to risk your health. In addition, the lawyer will tell you what rights you have as a victim of domestic violence, tell you if there are any options to deprive your husband of parental rights, and also explain what you can claim in the context of your joint property.

In addition, in the case of abuse and domestic violence, the circumstances in which you are affected are very important. For example, if your husband consistently uses alcohol or drugs, spends money in a casino, and then returns home to humiliate you, then the law will be on your side. But if your husband hit you after he found out about your betrayal, here you will have to prove for a long time in court which of you is right and who is to blame.

3. Collect as Much Evidence as Possible

If abuse and domestic violence are systematic, you need to collect as much evidence as possible. If your husband constantly verbally abuses you, we recommend that you always keep your recorder turned on, hiding it in your inner pocket, and write down each case so that later the lawyer and the court can get a complete picture of the behaviour of each of you.

If you periodically become a victim of beatings by your husband, then your contact with the police and extracts from your medical card about your injuries can be direct evidence. If you know that your husband can hit you for no reason, we recommend installing hidden cameras in the house.

4. Protect Your Children

This would be ideal if at the most critical moment your children are safe. If you have the opportunity to send them to relatives in another city or summer camp, be sure to do it immediately after divorce apply online. Moreover, you need to find the most appropriate and real reasons for this idea so that your husband does not suspect that you intend to divorce. And also, you better not tell the children about it so that they don’t accidentally tell it to anyone else. Thus, at the moment when you tell your husband about your intention to leave him, your children will be far and safe. And visit places you like to relieve the divorce pain.

5. Foresee All the Possible Consequences

If you became a victim of abuse and domestic violence, and at the same time were financially dependent on your husband, then your fear at the moment is completely explainable. That is why you need to foresee all the possible consequences of your decision and think in advance where you will live, how you will earn a living and support your children if you manage to deprive your husband of parental rights, and at the very first stage, where do you get the money for lawyers and divorce proceedings.


It is difficult and scary to leave the role of the victim and find the strength to defend oneself. However, this is the only possible way to start living a normal life and give their children a chance to grow up as normal people – children adopt the example of their parents, this is a fact proved by evolution.

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