5 Ecommerce Website Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

There is no need to say that design is the main attraction of any web-based store. Consequently, if you want to attract more visitors and increase sales level, having a properly designed eCommerce website is an absolute must.

Here are 5 common eCommerce site design mistakes to avoid:

1. Poor Quality Images

Quality of images is undoubtedly crucial when it comes to online shopping. When buying goods online, the only way to take a good look at something you want to buy is to look at the picture. Poor quality images do not allow doing this, so without getting decent visual information about the product, your customers will simply look for more quality images at the web stores of your competitors. The latest research shows that about  67% of online shoppers pay attention to the quality of product images, as it helps make the right choice. So, do your best to provide customers with quality product images.

Image by ikon from Pixabay

2. Improper Product Information

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores customers, online shoppers are not able to touch the product or read label information. Thus, your task is to provide them with all the necessary information. It is highly important to provide detailed information about each product you sell, as customers make their purchasing decisions basing on the product information only. You will hardly buy a product without getting detailed information about it, so give your customers a chance to make a deliberate choice.

Product informatoin
Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

3. Absence of Contact Information

Customers want to know what company they are dealing with. Before making an order and providing credit card information, your customers will want to make sure they are dealing with a real and reliable store. They need to know who to contact in case of any questions or problems. Do not hide your contact information and post it in a prominent place. The best place for contact information (phone numbers and email address) is your footer or the top of the sidebar.

Contact information
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

4. Complicated Sign-up Process

The too-long or complicated sign-up process is one of the biggest mistakes an eCommerce website can make. When designing the sign-up, make it as simple as possible. All you really need to know is a customer’s name and email address, so do not ask too much.

5. Improper Website Search Engine

The latest researches show that eCommerce websites owners lose about 50% of sales only because buyers are not able to find what they need. By providing your customers with a decent search engine and making website navigation straightforward, you have excellent chances to increase your sales level and revenue.

Search Bar
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
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