A Guide to Designing Stellar Custom Cycling Jerseys

Being creative in marketing can help you beat your competitors and attract more customers to your business. One creative marketing technique that has lived on over the years is using branded products. These custom-branded items feature the brand’s logo, name, and colors. 

However, it is best to consider your target audience when thinking about promotional items. Why not design branded fitness wear if they are into fitness and outdoor sports activities like cycling or jogging? In this article, our main focus is on custom cycling jerseys. 

We will share tips on designing quality cycling wear that will last a long time and leave a lasting impression on your clients. 

Find a Manufacturer

With your design in hand, it is time to find a manufacturer specializing in sporting wear. You can get quality leads like The Charity Clothing Company from Google, but don’t forget to read reviews and testimonials from other customers. 

The other thing you must discuss is the budget and contract terms. Ask for quotes from multiple manufacturers and compare them before making your decision. Go with a manufacturer offering the best value for your money. 

Functionality Reigns Supreme 

Design and aesthetics are crucial factors, but functionality trumps both. When talking about functionality the number one priority is using quality materials. Select high-performance fabric with moisture-wicking properties. Polyester and Lycra are the best options because they are lightweight and don’t trap sweat. 

The other thing you must consider is the weather or climate. Material with moisture-wicking properties and UV protection are perfect for cycling in hot weather. For cold weather, you need to consider using wool because it is breathable and offers excellent insulation.

Colors and Design

Colors and design will make your custom cycling jerseys stand out from the rest. Everyone who wears the cycling gear will be advertising your brand wherever they go. First, keep the design simple. You can hire a fashion designer to help you select the right fonts and colors.

Choose colors depending on the terrain. Road cyclists won’t care much about wearing white jerseys. However, mountain bikers and off-road cyclists will prefer jerseys with darker shades that are easy to clean and don’t get stained easily.

Safety and Performance Features

Adding more functionality to the custom cycling jerseys will make people use them more. The upturn of this will be more people knowing about your business. Start by adding basic safety features like reflectors. This will come in handy for road cyclists who prefer cycling to work early in the morning or going for a late evening workout session.

Adding extra pockets on the side and back of the jerseys will make the wear more functional. The pockets can be used to hold personal items like keys, phones, water bottles, and energy gels within easy reach.

Summing Up

Involving your team or target audience in the design process can boost morale and generate excitement. This is crucial when performing CSR activities or spreading awareness for special causes within your community.

Remember, the custom cycling jerseys are an extension of your brand. Prioritize quality and customer satisfaction.

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