5 Content Marketing Strategy Mistakes You May Be Making

We live in a world that is constantly evolving, and as the world slowly drifts away from the more traditional means of marketing, content marketing has grown to become one of the most effective and inexpensive ways in which people can advertise products, services, and even themselves if they so desired. Simply write a couple of comprehensive, first-rate, SEO-optimized, highly compelling articles every week and release them into the world with all the confidence of a seasoned content marketing expert.

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However, as easy as that all sounds, many people drop the ball hard on this subject. They have no idea what they are doing wrong, or why their content marketing strategies are not leading to conversions. It is a jungle out there in the content marketing universe, but if you can make some adjustments to your strategy based on what you’ll learn in this article, you’ll be smiling to the bank more often.

1. Poor content

As surely as the sky is blue, your content will have zero to little traction if the quality of your work is poor. In addition to that, Google will compound your woes by submerging your content such that they never come up on search results. And why would it? No one is going to click all the way to page 52 of search results to read your content if it is poor unless maybe to make a mockery of it and pass it on to someone else for the same purpose. Quality content must be compelling, immersive, exquisitely visual, and non-forceful. Educational platform research paper helper also says that it must also be free of grammatical and spelling blunders as readers will inadvertently focus on these errors while overlooking the message the content intended to pass across. Such a person would also never subscribe to your email listing or purchase any of your products. One easy way to churn out high-quality content is to find the best content out there similar to what you have in mind and tweak it to make it better. 

2. Your content is not helpful

Remember when we wrote that “Quality, helpful content will always yield better results?” No matter how enthralling and error-proof an article is, it will not be well-received if it does not solve a need or answer a question. Why? It is all about providing value. For instance, if a prospective client is fishing for a product that helps manage nausea and all that your content proffers are causes of nausea, you are not providing value and your content will not translate to sales. You did not solve the prospective client’s need, even though you may think that you did. Building helpful content requires a creative process that enables you to get into the heads of your target audience to discern the specific problem they desperately crave a solution for.

3. Wrong content, right audience

It is not uncommon to find content marketing strategists confused as to what they are doing wrong. They know they have the right audience, and they assume that the content is great, so what could be the problem? The trick is to generate highly targeted content focused on narrow demographic niche markets. To do this, you must first identify and thoroughly study your audience. Inevitably you will pinpoint the specific need of your target market. You will know how the tone and language of your content should be since you now know who your ideal customer is. Eventually, you may have to develop slight variations of each piece of content, making adjustments to cater to the subgroups within your audience.

4. Your content is not streamlined across your selected social media channels

When it comes to content marketing, optimization is key. It is never a case of one-size-fits-all. When content has been created and is ready to be disseminated across specific channels, it is important to adapt your content to fit the tone of the social media you are using if you want to stand any chance of getting traction. 

5. Your content is not SEO-optimized

Because content marketers know how much effort goes into clinching a new client, it is important to have all the decks stacked in your favor as much as possible. There is no better way to do this than ensuring your content is SEO-optimized as this aids in directing traffic to your product or service and relieves you of the time and financial implications of securing new customers. This includes using specific and well-researched keywords within the body of your content, especially in headings, subheadings and title tags. Your social media channels can also be SEO-optimized to further promote your product or service, and even direct traffic back to your landing page. 

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