5 Fun Florida Road Trips to Add to Your To-Do List

When traveling through America, one sooner or later ends up near Florida, where you can have the time of your life. So, once you know that your route comes close to this place and there is some time to kill, make sure to engage in the most beautiful trips around the area and do tons of exciting things. 

Florida Road trip
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Not to miss out on the breathtaking views and dazzling entertainment, read our list of sights and activities in the state of Florida below. 

1. Go camping at Sanibel and Amelia Islands 

If you have a van and a burning desire to explore, this island offers a nice camping spot with pleasant sandy ground and a chance to spend nights on the ocean shore. Even if you don’t, renting one, such as with VAN Rental Tampa Airport, is a nice idea. Still, remember to park your van or flat vehicle a bit above the high tide line if you don’t want to wake up wet. 

If the road lies ahead, stop on Amelia Island, which is not far. If your dream is a calm beach with minimal visitors, that’s where you should land. This area is absolutely unique since, though called an island, the plot is just a Florida coastline extension. Amelia beaches are also a great transition point if you plan to continue the trip to the rest of the East Coast. 

2. Get excited about rare species at Big Pine Key. 

This place is nearly 100 miles away from Miami and boasts a relatively calm environment and facilities for sporty activities. Besides rich flora, the area is famous for animals that can be seen only here, such as tiny deer who live there freely. If there’s a hardship with car rent, play big and take a van: many rental companies such as VAN Rental Tampa Airport provide them in multiple locations in Florida.  

3. Come to Silver Glen Springs

The breathtaking view of the woods surrounding turquoise-colored lagoons is hard to describe, so you should see it with your own eyes. There’s a variety of beauty spots: a heated thermal lagoon with pure water to see the underwater life, places for kayaking and paddling, and areas just for chilling. Oh, and you can see manatees there just swimming beside you. 

Another spot unspoiled by humans in Florida is Lake Okeechobee. Colloquially named Florida’s inland sea, this giant mass of water is the 2nd largest freshwater lake in the USA and is perfect for boat trips or serene walks across the trails in the green. This is an excellent way to escape the fuss and routine of super-busy cities. 

4. Enjoy sandy beaches

The park is renowned for its king-class white sandy beach that is so hard to let go. Located on the Gulf Coast, the beach is wonderful for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. However, choose the dates carefully if you want to come there as hurricanes can make it hazardous to stay.  

The beach can remind you of Key Biscayne, a real island connected to the land by a cute bridge. Just imagine what dreamy photos can be taken there at sunset! Not only this, but a great view of the white lighthouse, someday meant to protect the area from pirates, can make your evening. The more accurate address of this sight is Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. 

The number 3 must-visit beach in Florida is Juno Beach. Among all the beaches on the East Coast, Juno Beach stands out as a rare place to escape reality. Compared to the ones surrounding it, like, for example, West Palm Beach, this one is less popular. So, if the goal is to get far from crowds and see fish underwater, make sure you don’t miss it. 

5. Plan a stop at the National Seashore on Gulf Island. 

The shore is a very sought-after place in America, especially for stealth camping. But the water itself isn’t the attraction: it is mainly for the unique species of mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, and amphibians, as well as the picturesque nature that this place is valued. 

So, if you’ve never seen sea turtles or pelicans, welcome to the temple where nature reigns. By the way, the beach stretches from the Mississippi, the largest river in the US, all the way through Alabama. 

Along with the Everglades National Park, famous for alligators, this place is another Florida pearl. There’s so much to do in the park: kayaking, hiking, and exploring wildlife. Still, the icing on the cake is alligators. One can watch them from a short distance, as well as birds fishing for dinner. Tours around the national park are either guided or self-guided.

Landing in these Florida places will be unforgettable, so do your best not to miss them. Whether a tropical paradise with perfect water or an exciting place to study wildlife, whatever you choose, you’ll get tons of impressions.

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