20 Tallest Waterfalls in the World

The tallest waterfalls are typically measured by the entire length of the waterfalls’ drops. Nowadays, technology makes it possible to accurately estimate the height of waterfalls. The rivers start in the highlands and flow down to the sea, where they meet. Along the way, they fall from peaks and mountains, creating waterfalls.

Angel Falls in Venezuela is the world’s highest waterfall, reaching a height of 3,212 feet, or nearly a mile. Many of the world’s highest waterfalls may be located in the United States, New Zealand, Norway, and Venezuela. Venezuela’s terrain has resulted in the tallest and most magnificent waterfalls.

Photo by ENT108 via Flickr

The tallest waterfalls of the world are ranked by overall height (single drop).

Name of Waterfalls
Total Drops
1Angel Falls3,212 ftBolivar, Venezuela2
2Tugela Falls3,110 ftKwazulu Natal, South Africa5
3Cataratas las-Tres Hermanas3,000 ftAyacucho, Peru2
4Olo'upena Falls2,953 ftHawaii, United States3
5Catarata Yumbilla2938 ftAmazonas, Peru4
6Vinnufossen2822 ftMore Og Romsdal, Norway2
7Balaifossen2,788 ftHordaland, Norway9
8Pu'uka'oku Falls2,756 ftHawaii, United States6
9James Bruce Falls2,755 ftBritish Columbia, Canada1
10Browne Falls2,744 ftSouth Island, New Zealand6
11Strupenfossen2,690 ftSogn Og Fjordane, Norway1
12Ramnefjellsfossen2,685 ftSogn Og Fjordane, Norway3
13Waihilau Falls2,600 ftHawaii, United States1
14Colonial Creek Falls2,584 ftWashington, United States13
15Mongefossen2,535 ftMore Og Romsdal, Norway1
16Catarata Gocta2,531 ftAmazonas, Peru2
17Mutarazi Falls2,499 ftManicaland, Peru2
18Kjelfossen2,477 ftManicaland, Zimbabwe6
19Johannesburg Falls2,465 ftSogn Og Fjordane, Norway5
20Yosemite Falls2,425 ftWashington, United States6

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