10 Tallest Waterfalls in Japan

Japan is one of the countries with spectacular scenery and numerous waterfalls. Japan’s tourism attractions draw people from all around the world. Volcano Islands are only one of many natural beauties. Japan is home to a mountain range with rivers and waterfalls that covers 72 percent of the country. Shomyo-daki, at 350 meters, is Japan’s highest waterfall. It is located in Toyoma. The second and third tallest waterfalls in Japan are Yamagata’s Kairagi-no-taki (270m) and Hokkaido’s Hagoromo-no-taki (270m).

Waterfalls in China
Photo by Sam Lee on Unsplash
RankName of WaterfallsHeightLocation
1Shomyo-daki 1,148 ft (350 m)Toyama
2Kairagi-no-taki 886 ft (270 m)Yamagata
3Hagoromo-no-taki 820 ft (250 m)Hokkaido
4Naka-no-taki 804 ft (245 m)Nara
5Tsurugi-taki 689 ft (210 m)Toyama
6Sankai-no-taki 593 ft (181 m)Miyagi
7Ogimori-daki 558 ft (170 m)Mie
8Hacho-no-taki 492 ft (150 m)Mie
9Nanatsugama-no-taki 492 ft (150 m)Mie
10Hacho-no-taki 492 ft (150 m)Mie
Shomyo Daki Waterfalls, Japan
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