10 Tallest Waterfalls in Japan

Japan is one of the nations with awesome landscapes and has rivers that own many waterfalls, the tourist places here attract visitors from its natural beauty, and there are many geographical wonders such as islands, Volcano Islands. Japan comprises about 72% of mountain range with major rivers and that creates some notable waterfalls. Shomyo-daki is the tallest waterfalls in Japan at the height of 350 meters, located in Toyoma. Kairagi-no-taki(270m) in Yamagata and Hagoromo-no-taki (270m) in Hokkaido are the second and third highest waterfalls respectively in Japan.

Photo by Pale Bluevia Panoramio
Rank Name of Waterfalls Height Location
1 Shomyo-daki 1,148 ft (350 m) Toyama
2 Kairagi-no-taki 886 ft (270 m) Yamagata
3 Hagoromo-no-taki 820 ft (250 m) Hokkaido
4 Naka-no-taki 804 ft (245 m) Nara
5 Tsurugi-taki 689 ft (210 m) Toyama
6 Sankai-no-taki 593 ft (181 m) Miyagi
7 Ogimori-daki 558 ft (170 m) Mie
8 Hacho-no-taki 492 ft (150 m) Mie
9 Nanatsugama-no-taki 492 ft (150 m) Mie
10 Hacho-no-taki 492 ft (150 m) Mie
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