Top Highest Paid Actors in Indian Cinema

Indian film Industry is very huge there are more than dozen of different language films releasing in the particular places in India and worldwide, that means thousands of Films in the year, So the actors Salary also very High, See below list to know the Salary of the Top Expensive actors in India that analyzes by every Indian film industry. The Hindi, Tamil and Telugu Film industries has huge fans all over India and abroad. Today’s films completely depending on whole subjects such as direction, Story, Acting and usually the popularity of the actors, the actors remuneration huge in the notable language film industry in India. We have listed actors who paid a high salary for Film in India.

14. Vikram

Vikram-ActorVikram is one of the leading actors in Tamil film (Kollywood) Industry, acted in many Tamil films. His film also debuts in the Telugu language and has huge fans in Andhra Pradesh. He still has a big market in Tamil film supposed to charge around 10 crores.

13. Mahesh Babu

Mahesh BabuMahesh Babu is an actor in Telugu Film (Tollywood) industry and his recent films succeeded in the Box Office. Mahesh Babu is the second highest paid actor in Telugu Film Industry after Pawan Kalyan. Mahesh Babu charges around 12-13 crores plus profit share, Mahesh’s most of the films commercially successful and next films remuneration could change to higher.

12. Ajay Devgan

Ajay DevganOne of the legendary actors and his acting primarily for the Hindi Film Industry, recent films such as Golmaal 3, Singham, and Bol Bachan commercially successful, and it helps to grow remuneration, the salary for movie around 12-13 Crores.

11. Ajith Kumar

AjithAjith Kumar is an Indian actor mainly works for Tamil Film Industry, His recent movies records at the Box office and the Movie Billa 2 commercially successful, as leading actor in Tamil cinema his payment anywhere between 12-14 crores.

10. Sharukh Khan

Sharukh Khan ActorSharukh Khan once a most paid actor in Hindi Film Industry and acted in over 70 films. His recent Films Ra One and Don 2 are average in Gross Nett, his recent film ‘Chennai Express’ grossed well which helps him to increase himself the remuneration. Sharukh Khan Salary is around 13-14 crores per Single Film, he may demand more remuneration after the huge success of ‘Chennai Express’.

9. Amir Khan

Amir Khan ActorAmir Khan starred in the record grossing Ghajni and 3 idiots which helps him to become one of the highest paid actors in Bollywood. The film Dhobi Ghat film failed in Box Office which is recently launched after Ghajini and 3 idiots. Amir Khan charges around 14.5-15 crores.

8. Pawan Kalyan

Pawan KalyanPawan Kalyan is A notable actor and has a famous name in Telugu Film Industry, brother of Telugu Mega Star Chiranjeevi. He is active in Telugu cinema from 1996, as one of the success in the leading role actors has experience as Director, Screenwriter, Action Choreographer, and Playback Singer. His recent film ‘Gabbar Singh’ grossed around 150 crores that increased his remuneration to 15 crores which offered by Telugu producers for his next films.

7. Hrithik Roshan

Hritikh Roshan ActorHritik Rohan is actor in Hindi Film Industry, and acted in many successful films, but in the recent year he failed to get Avg box office success, After his big success film Agnipath and Krishh 3 that hiked his salary in the Hindi film market, so his next payment may be around15-16  crore

6. Vijay

VijayVijay is one of the leading actors and starred in many successful films and continue to rule in acting in Tamil. Vijay earned fans from his joke in acting, dialogues and Dancing style, most of his recent films hit box office collection. Vijay paid 15-17 crores for his recent films and increasing remuneration on each his films success, although his films are grossing well nowadays.

5. Kamal Hassan

Kamal HassanHe is one of the legendary actors in Tamil and Indian Film Industry, starred in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu films. His all films are well in the Box Office, and Dasavatharam Movie grossed about 260 crores, which he starred in the main rule. The Vishwaroopam is grossed well in box office, and the second part of Vishwaroopam announced. Kamal Hassan paid above 20 crores remuneration for ‘Vishwaroopam’.

4. Suriya

SuriyaSuriya (Surya Sivakumar) is an actor in Tamil Film Industry (Kollywood) and his most of the films dubbed into Telugu. He earned fans all around India. According to the source, he received 24 crores for his film Maatraan. The movies Ayyan, Singham, Singham 2 grossed record breaking, his payment is around 20 to 25 crores.

3. Salman Khan

Salman KhanSalman Khan is an actor in Hindi Film Industry and third highest paid actor in India after Rajnikanth Akshay Kumar and Suriya. His career in the Hindi Film Industry changed after the film wanted which is directed by Prabhu Deva. His payment is around 24-26 crores plus share in the profits as of 2012.

2. Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar ActorAkshay Kumar is the popular Hindi Film actor and acted in over 100 films in his career. According to the source, he paid 27 Crores per movie plus share in the profit. He signed for Top Hindi films in 2013. Akshay entered into the Hindi film industry in 1991. He got Second Position in Highest Paid actor in Indian  films after Superstar Rajinikanth.

1. Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth ActorNo doubt, Highest Paid Actor in India is rajinikanth. Rajini has fans around the world and one of the notable actor in the world. He received 27 Crore plus 25% profit for the film Endhiran and he got the total payment of 57 crores for the Film Endhiran (Robot) including a share of the profit. Sources reveal that Rajini is getting anywhere 30-40 crore per film apart from a share of the film’s profit. He is not appearing frequently in the films, just 1 film for 2 to 3 years. Rajni has an offer of 240 crores for an untitled film by the news sources.

Note: The Remuneration of the Actors can be change on their demand and success of the film, The Remuneration for the actors here analyzed on highest paid on actors whole career, not on demand each year.

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