Most Expensive Movies in India

Indian Film Industry has many records and there are thousands of movies produced annually under many Languages. Indian Film Industry has Deep history, the budget of the movies varies from time to time, about 2 decades ago the film industry just started to grow the popularity. Indian Cinema covers many Languages and that has Huge Audience, in the last decade, the Budget of the movies increased constantly by the competition, most of the Tamil and Hindi movies Spends More money to make Competitive movies. Enthiran (Robot) is the Expensive Movie in India which produced with budget of more than 200 Crores, but some sources says the budget of the Enthiran Movie about 270 Crores, Upcoming many Movies enters soon (If the Final Report of Budget Revealed) in High Budget Movies List such as Vishwaroopam, Doom3. The Below Budget of the Movies estimation and referred by notable sources. The Following Expensive Movies of India is the update of 2012 with Budget Currency in Us Dollars and Indian Rupees.

15. Dasavathaaram

Language: Tamil
Produced by: Venu Ravichandran
Directed by: K. S. Ravikumar
Release Year: 13 June 2008
Production Cost: (Rs) 58,00,00,000 – ($) 11,000,000
Dasavatharam poster