Top Countries with Highest Oil Production

The total production of oil in the world is around 84 million barrels per day, estimated in the year 2011. 10 of the top listed countries are producing over 64% of the world’s oil production according to the data of the year 2011-2012. Russia is producing 10.9 million barrels of Crude oil per day as of 2012, Saudi Arabia 9.5 million, and the United States 9 million barrels. The data based on CIA World Factbook and other official sources.

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RankCountryProduction (bbl/day)Share of World %Date of Details
1 Russia10,730,00012.65%2012
2 Saudi Arabia9,570,00011.28%2012
3 United States9,023,00010.74%2012
4 Iran4,231,0004.77%2011 est.
5 China4,073,0004.56%2011 est.
6 Canada3,592,0003.90%2011 est.
7 Iraq3,400,0003.75%2012 est.
8 United Arab Emirates3,087,0003.32%2011 est.
9 Mexico2,934,0003.56%2011 est.
10 Kuwait2,682,0002.96%2011 est.
11 Brazil2,633,0003.05%2011 est.
12 Nigeria2,525,0002.62%2011 est.
13 Venezuela2,453,0002.93%2011 est.
14 Norway1,998,0002.79%2011 est.
15 Texas1,894,8842.66%2011 est.
16 Algeria1,885,0002.52%2011 est.
17 Angola1,840,0002.31%2011 est.
18 Kazakhstan1,635,0001.83%2011 est.
19 Qatar1,631,0001.44%2011 est.
20 United Kingdom1,099,0001.78%2011 est.
21 Azerbaijan987,0001.20%2011 est.
22 Indonesia982,9001.66%2011 est.
23 Colombia1,011,9920.97%2011 est.
25 India897,3001.04%2011 est.
26 Oman890,5000.95%2011 est.
27 Argentina796,3000.93%2011 est.
28 Malaysia693,7000.82%2011 est.
29 Egypt680,5000.81%2011 est.
30 Libya502,4000.59%2011 est.
31 Ecuador485,7000.58%2011 est.

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