Top Countries by Most Birth Rates in the World

Birth rates measured on annual birth rate per 1,000 persons at midyear, it also helps to estimate the future population of particular countries. Some countries population increasing constantly compared to its year by year population Statistics. Niger is in the first position on Birth Rate about 47 births per thousand populations as in 2012 data. Mali, Uganda and Burkina Faso are in the next positions respectively. As you can see most countries from Africa has the highest birth rate and still continue its rate.

1Niger47.62012 est.
2Mali46.62012 est.
3Uganda45.82012 est.
4Burkina Faso43.22012 est.
5Zambia43.12012 est.
6Somalia42.122012 est.
7Burundi40.582012 est.
8Malawi40.422012 est.
9Congo, Republic of the40.092012 est.
10Angola39.362012 est.
11Mozambique39.342012 est.
12Afghanistan39.32012 est.
13Nigeria39.232012 est.
14Chad38.72012 est.
15Ethiopia38.52012 est.
16Sierra Leone38.122012 est.
17Tanzania37.72012 est.
18Benin37.552012 est.
19Congo, Democratic Republic of the37.052012 est.
20Sao Tome and Principe37.022012 est.
21Guinea36.62012 est.
22Liberia36.452012 est.
23Senegal36.192012 est.
24Rwanda36.142012 est.
25Central African Republic36.132012 est.
26Togo35.262012 est.
27Timor-Leste35.22012 est.
28Gabon352012 est.
29Equatorial Guinea34.882012 est.
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