Tallest Buildings in Thrissur

Thrissur is the city in Kerala State in India, has 315,596 inhabitants on the 2011 census, and the city covered around 101 square kilometers. The City has many temples and one of the most important temples is the Vadakunnathan temple. Thrissur also has many tourist attractions including Churches and Historical Monuments. Sobha Topaz is the tallest building in Thrissur which stands up to 97.90 meters with 28 floors. We have listed only finished and under construction buildings.

Height (m) (ft)
1Sobha Topaz 97.90(321 ft)282012
2Sobha Jade, Sobha City 97.90(321 ft)272013
3Sobha Sapphire, Sobha City 97.90(321 ft)272013
4Sobha Amethyst, Sobha City 94.13(309 ft)262013
5Cheloor Heights 79.07(259 ft)212007
6Cheloor Citadel 67.77(222 ft)182007
7Alukkas Castle 67.77(222 ft)182012
8Cheloor Towers 64.01(210 ft)172012
9Amity Sky City 60.24(198 ft)162011
10Willow Heights 1 60.24(198 ft)162007
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