20 Tallest Buildings in Europe

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Hundreds of the world’s highest buildings are located in Europe, although just a few large European towns had skyscrapers decades ago. Hundreds of high-rise structures and skyscrapers are being built in Europe’s main cities. Moscow, Russia’s capital, boasts the most towering buildings, with 10 of the world’s 20 tallest structures located there.

The Lakhta Center is Russia’s and Europe’s tallest building. It is also the world’s 13th highest skyscraper. The project began in 2012 and was finished in January 2018. Approximately 3,000 workers were hired during the construction of the Lakhta building, which used 400,000 cubic meters of concrete. A public observation platform at 357 meters allows people to take in the view. The structure is used for offices, retail spaces, and exhibitions, as well as restaurants, hotels, and conference facilities.

Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg, Russia, Image by Hans Hansen from Pixabay

RankNameLocationHeight (FT)Completed
1Lakhta CenterSt. Petersburg, Russia1,5172018
2Federation Tower: East TowerMoscow, Russia1,2262016
3OKO: South TowerMoscow, Russia1,1622015
4Mercury City TowerMoscow, Russia1,1122013
5The ShardLondon, UK1,0172012
6EurasiaMoscow, Russia1,0132014
7CoC: Moscow TowerMoscow, Russia9902010
8Skyland İstanbul ( 1, 2)Istanbul, Turkey9322017
9Metropol İstanbulIstanbul, Turkey9192017
10Naberezhnaya Tower CMoscow, Russia8812007
11Triumph PalaceMoscow, Russia8672005
12Commerzbank TowerFrankfurt, Germany8481997
13CoC: Saint Petersburg TowerMoscow, Russia8432010
14MesseturmFrankfurt, Germany8421990
15Nurol LifeIstanbul, Turkey8272017
16Torre de CristalMadrid, Spain8172008
17Torre CepsaMadrid, Spain8152008
18Evolution TowerMoscow, Russia8072014
19OKO: North TowerMoscow, Russia8042014
20Federation: West TowerMoscow, Russia7982007

European Cities with skyscrapers above 100 meters:

RankCitiesNo of Buildings
1Moscow> 100
2Istanbul> 100
3Paris> 70

The height of the buildings does not include radio masts and towers.

About Lakhta Center

  • Height: 462 meters (1,516 ft)
  • Technical details: 87 floors and 40 lifts (elevators)
  • Location: Lakhta, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Cost: US$ 1.77 billion (In 2019 US$)

Interesting fatcs:

  • Both Moscow and Istanbul have over 100 structures that are above 100 metres tall.
  • Lakhta Centre, Europe’s highest building, opened in 2018 at a height of 1,517 feet.
  • Many of Europe’s tallest buildings are in Russia, most of them are found in Moscow.
  • Over 70 structures above 150 metres in london, and over 70 will be completed in London City in the near future.
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