Longest Canals (Artificial River) in the World

Canals are man-made Water channels for different purpose such as irrigation, Shipping, Local transportation, Control Flood and recently uses for tourism. Canals are most typically designs for connecting between the rivers, lakes, Cities and Ocean for easy access. Canals have a long history they are developed and maintained hundreds of years by dynasties to nowadays governments. The cities in the ancient and middle age well connected with channels of water that’s the easiest way of transportation for that time. The Panama Canal is not listed in the top but that connecting Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean that saves huge time and transportation expenses for ships and Panama Canal is one of the Engineering wonders in the World that has huge locks for huge ships. In the list below show the longest canals all time, which includes shipping and irrigation.

Small Passenger Boats on Canal
source: flickr.com

The Following list of Longest Canals or Artificial Rivers in the World.

Rank Name of Canal Length Connection Country Locks
1 Grand Canal 1,776 Km Beijing-Hebei-Shandong-Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Hagzhou China 24
2 Qaraqum Canal 1,375 Km Amu Darya-Karakum Desert Russia
3 Saimaa Canal 814 Km SaimaGulf of Finland Russia 8
4 Eurasia Canal 700 Km Black Sea-Kuma Manych Depression Russia 13
5 Manych Ship Canal 700 km Black Sea-Caspian Sea Russia 6
6 Erie canal 584 km Albany-New York-Buffalo USA 36
7 Grand Union Canal 461 Km London-Birmingham England 236
8 Nara Canal 364 km Sukkur Barrage-Khaipur, Sanghar-Districts Pakistan
9 Rhone–Rhine Canal 349 km Rhine-Rhone, North Sea-Mediterranean France
10 Marne–Rhine Canal 313 Km Rhine, Marne, Meuse River, Moselle River, Canal des houillères de la Sarre France 154
11 Leeds and Liverpool Canal 204 Km Leeds-Liverpool England 91
12 Suez Canal 193.5 Km Mediterranean Sea-Red Sea Egypt 0
13 Gota Canal 190 Km Gothenburg Swedan

Note: The list of ranking mentioned above is collection of known longest canals, some of the unconfirmed Canals are not listed in the list.

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