List of Tallest Structures in the World

Burj Khalifa

This is the Skyscraper located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Total Height – 829.84 metres, Year built – 2010.
Burj Khalifa

Tokyo Sky Tree

It is Self Supporting tower is situated in Tokyo, Japan, Height 634 metres, and Year Built – 2011.Tokyo Sky Tree

KVLY TV mast

Location – Blanchard in United States
Type – Guyed Tower, Height – 628.8 metres
Year Built – 1963.
KVLY TV Mast Tower

Abraj Al Bait Towers

Location – Mecca in Saudi Arabia

Type – Clock Tower, Height – 601 metres, and Year Built – 2011.Abraj Al Bait Towers

BREN Tower

This Tower built for scientific research in Navada Test Site, United States, Height – 465 metres, and Year Built – 1962.BREN Tower

Lualualei VLF transmitter

This is the Mast radiator located in Lualualei, United States. Height – 458 metres, and Year Built – 1962.Lualualei VLF Tansmitter

Petronas Twin Towers

Twin tower used for business complex and hotels, located in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Height – 452 metres, and Year Built – 1998.Petronas Tower

Ekibastuz Gres-2 Power Station

Location – Ekibastusz in Kazakistan, Type – Chemney, Height – 419.7 metres, and Year Built – 1987.Ekibastuz Gres-2 Power Station

Dimona Radar Facility

Location – Dimona in Israel, Type – Radar, Height – Height – 400 metres, and Year Built – 2008.Dimona Radar Facility

Kiev TV Tower

Location – Kiev in Ukraine, Type – Lattice Tower, Height – 385 metres, and Year Built – 1973.Kiev TV Tower

Gerbrandy Tower

Location – Ijsselstein in Netherland, Type – Partially guyed Tower, Height – 366.8 metres, and Year Built – 1961.Gerbrandy Tower

TV Tower Vinnytsia

Location – Vinnytsia in Ukraine, Type – Guyed tubular steel mast, Height – 354 metres, and Year Built – 1961.TV Tower Vinnytsia

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Yangtze River Crossing, Jiangyin

Location – Jiangyin in China, Type – Electricity Pylon, Height – 346.5 metres, and Year Built – 2004.Yangtze River Crossing - Power Pillars between River

Millau Viaduct

Location – Millau in France, Type – Bridge Pillar, Height – 342 metres, and Year Built – 2004.Millau Viaduct

Nurek Dam

Location – Nurek in Tajikistan, Type – Dam, Height – 300 metres, and Year Built – 1980, and also Tallest Dam in the World.Nurek Dam