List of Tallest Structures in the World

The tallest structures are now an icon of the countries. There are dozens of notable high raised buildings and structures are under construction. Burj Khalifa, popular around the world as it holds record “worlds tallest building” located in Dubai, UAE. It also holds many records.

Burj Khalifa

This is the Skyscraper located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Total Height – 829.84 metres
Year built – 2010.

Tokyo Sky Tree

It is Self Supporting tower is situated in Tokyo, Japan
Height: 634 metres
Year Built: 2011Tokyo Sky Tree

KVLY TV mast

Location: Blanchard in the United States
Type: Guyed Tower
Height: 628.8 metres
Year Built: 1963.
KVLY TV Mast Tower

Abraj Al Bait Towers

Location: Mecca in Saudi Arabia
Type: Clock Tower
Height: 601 metres
Year Built: 2011.Abraj Al Bait Towers

BREN Tower

This Tower built for scientific research in Nevada Test Site, United States
Height: 465 metres
Year Built: 1962.BREN Tower

Lualualei VLF transmitter

This is the Mast radiator located in Lualualei, United States.
Height: 458 metres
Year Built: 1962.Lualualei VLF Tansmitter

Petronas Twin Towers

Twin tower used for business complex and hotels, located in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia
Height: 452 metres
Year Built: 1998.Petronas Tower

Ekibastuz Gres-2 Power Station

Location: Ekibastusz in Kazakistan
Type: Chimney
Height: 419.7 metres
Year Built: 1987.Ekibastuz Gres-2 Power Station

Dimona Radar Facility

Location: Dimona in Israel
Type: Radar
Height: 400 metres
Year Built: 2008
Dimona Radar Facility

Kiev TV Tower

Location: Kiev in Ukraine
Type: Lattice Tower
Height: 385 metres
Year Built: 1973Kiev TV Tower

Gerbrandy Tower

Location – Ijsselstein in Netherland
Type: Partially guyed Tower
Height: 366.8 metres
Year Built: 1961Gerbrandy Tower

TV Tower Vinnytsia

Location: Vinnytsia in Ukraine,
Type: Guyed tubular steel mast
Height: 354 metres
Year Built: 1961TV Tower Vinnytsia

Yangtze River Crossing, Jiangyin

Location: Jiangyin in China
Type: Electricity Pylon
Height: 346.5 metres
Year Built: 2004Yangtze River Crossing - Power Pillars between River

Millau Viaduct

Location: Millau in France
Type: Bridge Pillar
Height: 342 metres
Year Built: 2004Millau Viaduct

Nurek Dam

Location: Nurek in Tajikistan, and also the Tallest Dam in the World.
Type: Dam
Height: 300 metres
Year Built: 1980
Nurek Dam

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