List of Major Oil fields in Iraq

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Iraq is one of the major oil reserve countries in the world, there are undiscovered oil fields. Iraq bordered the gulf countries and holds an average amount of oil reserves and most of them are unexplored. Iraq holds desert land most of the part and with rich reserves of oil and gas. The oil reserves and production are quite normal as that faced by controversial political effects. The Iraqi Oil fields produce average production that mentioned in billion barrels.

Iraqi Oil Field

The list of Largest Oil fields in Iraq

Oil FieldsDiscoveredRecoverable Oil (Billion Barrels)Production (Million Barrels/day)
Rumaila Field 1953171.3
Kirkuk Field 19278.50.48
Majnoon Field 1975415980.5
West Qurna Field 197315-210.18-0.25
East Baghdad Field 197680-0.05
Halfaya Field  4.1 
Az Zubayr Field  6 
Nahr Umr Field  6 
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