List of Major Oil fields in Iraq

Iraq is one of the world’s major oil reserves, and there are undiscovered oil fields. Iraq borders the gulf countries and has average oil reserves, the majority of which are unexplored. The majority of Iraq is desert, with abundant oil and gas reserves. Oil reserves and production are quite normal, despite the fact that they are subject to contentious political effects. The Iraqi oil fields produce an average output measured in billions of barrels.

The list of Largest Oil fields in Iraq

Oil FieldsDiscoveredRecoverable Oil (Billion Barrels)Production (Million Barrels/day)
Rumaila Field 1953171.3
Kirkuk Field 19278.50.48
Majnoon Field 1975415980.5
West Qurna Field 197315-210.18-0.25
East Baghdad Field 197680-0.05
Halfaya Field  4.1 
Az Zubayr Field  6 
Nahr Umr Field  6 
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