List of Largest Oil fields in Norway

List of Major oil fields that presently active or some to be started in the future, all of the oil fields discovered. The Recoverable petroleum resources in the below list, there are 6 largest Oil fields in Norway and other major are listed in the list. There are hundreds of Oil and Gas fields most of them are smaller in size, the North Sea holds massive oil reserves many companies drilling presently in the Area. The Exports from oil have increased and constitute over 20% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Norway is one of the largest Oil and gas exporter in the world. The companies in Norway drilled around 5000 oil well till today that mostly located in North Sea. The Statfjord oil field in North Sea is the largest oil field which holds 3.4 billion barrels of recoverable oil and started production in 1979, Ekofisk oil field and Oseberg are the second and third largest with recoverable oil of 3.3 and 2.2 billion barrels.


List of Largest and Notable Oil Fields in Norway

Field Name Recoverable Oil (Billion Barrels) Location Started Production
Statfjord 3.4 North Sea 1979
Ekofisk oil field 3.3 Central North Sea 1971
Oseberg 2.2 North Sea 1988
Gullfaks 2.1 North Sea 1986
Snorre 1.5 Tampen area, Northern North Sea 1992
Troll Vest 1.4 North Sea 1995

Other Major Oil Fields in Norway

Blane oil field North Sea 2007
Brage oil field North Sea 1993
Draugen oil field Norwegian Sea 1993
Gjoa oilfiel North Sea 2010
Goliat field Barents Sea 2013
Grane oil field North Sea 2003
Gyda Oil Field Tambar East, North Sea 1990
Heidrun oil field Haltenbanken, Norwegian Sea 1995
Heilo prospect Barents Sea 2011
Heimdal gas field Stavanger, North Sea 1985
Johan Sverdrup oil field Utsira High, North Sea 2018 (est)
Norne oil field Norwegian Sea 1997
Oseberg East North Sea 1996
Oseberg South North Sea 2000
Oselvar oil field North Sea 2011
Skirne gas field North Sea 2004
Tambar oil field South North Sea 2001
Ula oil field North Sea 1986
Vale gas field North Sea 2002
Valhall oil field North Sea 1981
Yme field Central North Sea 1996
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