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List of Largest Dams in India

The Dams and reservoirs are the prominent water source for irrigation for Indian farmers. There are hundreds of multipurpose dams built for irrigation, water supply, and electricity production. 15 largest dams are listed below and ranked by size, the total volume of the water, and the area acquired.

15. Bhavanisagar Dam

Height:105 ft
Length: 1,700 m
Inflow: Bhavani River
Location: Tamil Nadu
Capacity (TMC): 32.8

Photo by Pratheept2000 Via Panoramio

14. TungaBhadra Dam

Height: 49.38 m
Length: 2,441 m
Inflow: Tungabhadra
Location: Karnataka
Capacity (TMC): 101

Photo by Sanyam Bahga Via Wikipedia

13. Rihand Dam

Height: 299 ft
Length: 3,064 ft
Inflow: Rihand
Location: Uttar Pradesh
Capacity (Cubic meters): 10.6 billion

Photo by Anand0812 Via Panoramio

12. Maithon Dam

Height: 165 ft
Length: 15,712 ft
Inflow: Barakar
Location: Jharkhand
Capacity (Acre Ft):

Photo by Hemant Kenjale Via Flickr

11. Koyna Dam

Height: 339 ft
Length: 2,648 ft
Inflow: Koyna
Location: Maharashtra
Capacity (Acre Ft):

Photo by Hemant Kenjale Via Panoramio

10. Bisalpur Dam

Height: 130 ft
Length: 1,883 ft
Inflow: Banas
Location: Rajasthan
Capacity (Acre Ft): 891,785

Photo by Ajit Sharma Via Panoramio

9. Mettur

Height: 120 ft
Length: 1,700 m
Inflow: Kaveri
Location: Tamil Nadu
Capacity (Cubic km): 2.64

Photo by Sar kumar a Via Wikipedia

8. Krishnarajasagar Dam

Height: 125 meters
Length: 3.5 km
Inflow: Kaveri
Location: Karnataka
Capacity (Cubic Km): 1.4

7. Indira Sagar Dam

Height: 92 meters
Length: 653 meters
Inflow: Narmada
Location: Madhya Pradesh
Capacity (Acre Ft): 9,890,701

Photo by User:Rama’s Arrow Via Wikipedia

6. Cheruthoni Dam

Height: 450 ft
Length: 2,300 ft
Inflow: Cheruthoni
Location: Kerala
Capacity (Acre Ft): 1,618,184

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