List of Biggest Cities in Ukraine

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Capital: Kiev
Dialing code: 380
Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia
Population: 45,706,100 (2011) World Bank
National anthem: Ukraine: Shche ne vmerla Ukraina
Official language: Ukrainian Language.
Ukraine is a Country in East of Europe Continent the country has many small Cities and expanding city Space for inhabitant’s settlement. There are around 457 cities and towns and 176 of them labeled Oblast Class. Kiev is the Capital and Largest City of Ukraine has 2.78 million inhabitants, the report of Population is latest update from official sources.

1Kyiv2,611,327Kiev City Municipality179 m
2Kharkiv1,470,902Kharkiv Oblast152 m
3Dnipropetrovsk1,065,008Dnipropetrovsk Oblast155 m
4Odesa1,029,049Odessa Oblast40 m
5Donetsk1,016,194Donetsk Oblast169 m
6Zaporizhia815,256Zaporizhia Oblast
7Lviv732,818Lviv Oblast296 m
8Kryvyi Rih668,980Dnipropetrovsk Oblast84 m
9Mykolaiv514,136Mykolaiv Oblast
10Mariupol492,176Donetsk Oblast
11Luhansk463,097Luhansk Oblast105 m
12Makiivka389,589Donetsk Oblast169 m
13Vinnytsia356,665Vinnytsia Oblast
14Simferopol343,644Simferopol municipality

350 m

15Sevastopol342,451Sevastopol Municipality100 m
16Kherson328,360Kherson Oblast
17Poltava317,998Poltava Oblast
18Chernihiv304,994Chernihiv Oblast
19Cherkasy295,414Cherkasy Oblast110 m
20Sumy293,141Sumy Oblast
21Horlivka292,250Donetsk Oblast
22Zhytomyr284,236221 m
23Dniprodzerzhynsk255,841Dnipropetrovsk120 m
24Kirovohrad254,103Kirovohrad Oblast124 m
25Khmelnytskyi253,994 Khmelnytskyi Oblast
26Rivne248,813Rivne Oblast
27Chernivtsi240,621Chernivtsi Oblast248 m
28Kremenchuk234,073Poltava Oblast80 m
29Ternopil227,755Ternopil Oblast
30Ivano-Frankivsk218,359Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast244 m
31Lutsk208,816Volyn Oblast174 m
32Bila Tserkva200,131Kiev Oblast
33Kramatorsk181,025Donetsk Oblast
35Kerch157,007Crimea10 m
36Nikopol136,280Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
38Berdiansk121,692Zaporizhia Oblast
39Sieverodonetsk119,940Luhansk Oblast
40Alchevsk119,193Luhansk Oblast211 m

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