Largest Oil Fields in Iran

NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company), is the government owned corporation that explores Oil and Gas fields along with producing and distributing, as NIOC report the largest Oil fields discovered in the recent years and still hunting for huge reserves. Iran is one of the largest Oil and Gas reserved country in the world that holds around 10% of world’s total, and has production capacity of over 4 million barrels of crude oil per day. Iran has 40 oil producing fields, 27 onshore and 13 offshore, the report from NIOC showed the Iranian land holds thousands of billion barrels recoverable reserves discovered. The largest Oil fields in Iran on total Oil Production (Barrels and Cubic meters) per day from Onshore and Offshore fields.
Iranian oil field

Largest Iranian Oil fields

Field’s Name Thousandbarrels per day Thousandcubic meters per day
Ahwaz (Asmari Formation) 700 110
Gachsaran 560 89
Marun 520 83
Bangestan 245 39.0
AghaJari 200 32
Karanj-Parsi 200 32
Rag-e-Safid 180 29
BibiHakimeh 130 21
Darquin 100 16
Pazanan 70 11
Dorood 130 21
Salman 130 21
Abuzar 125 19.9
Sirri A&E 95 15.1
Soroush/Nowruz 60 9.5
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