6 Facts on Cord Blood Banking for Your Family

When babies are born, their umbilical cord contains a rich source of stem cells that doctors can use for various medical treatments. Cord blood banking is a safe way to keep these valuable stem cells for future use securely.

Whether you are visiting or live in the United Arab Emirates, cord blood banking is an excellent way to ensure that your family can access the best possible medical care. Cord blood stem cells are used to treat a wide variety of conditions, and the facilities in the UAE rank among the best.

If you’re new to cord blood banking, it’s worth reading through the process to understand processes and procedures better. Let’s start with the basics.

Blood Cell, Photo by ANIRUDH on Unsplash

What is Cord Blood Banking?

The collecting and storing of blood from the umbilical cord are known as cord blood banking.

Stem cells in cord blood are crucial because they can develop into many blood type possibilities, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, all of which are required to keep the body healthy.

Medical practitioners use cord blood stem cells to treat a wide range of diseases and disorders, including leukemia, anemia, and immune disorders.

Why is Cord Blood So Rich in Stem Cells?

The umbilical cord is profuse with stem cells because this is the only time in a person’s life when they are actively producing these critical cells. Cord blood stem cells also have some crucial advantages over other types of stem cells, including their ability to adapt quickly and resist rejection by the body.

Despite these benefits, many people are unaware of cord blood banking and miss out on a significant opportunity to secure their family’s future health.

Why Should We Bank Cord Blood?

Cord blood banking offers many potential benefits for families. Here are four crucial reasons.

  1. Cord blood stem cells are a valuable resource for treating several diseases and disorders. 
  2. Health care professionals can use cord blood to treat family members who may be affected by the same diseases or disorders.
  3. Cord blood stem cells are a match for the patient and do not require immunosuppressive drugs.
  4. Cord blood stem cells are a renewable resource. Cord blood can be collected at birth and stored for later use at a trusted stem cell storage facility in the UAE.

Cord Bloods Life Saving Potential

Cord blood stem cells are frequently used in transplants to treat patients with leukemia, lymphoma, and other blood diseases and are often the only fast and effective treatment option available.

Doctors also use cord blood stem cells to treat non-blood-related disorders, including diabetes, cerebral palsy, and spinal cord injury.

Thanks to scientific research, the list of disorders that healthcare professionals can treat with cord blood stem cells is constantly growing.

How is the Blood Extracted from the Cord?

The procedure involves doctors extracting the cord blood after the baby is born and the umbilical cord has been clamped and cut. Blood is drawn by inserting a needle and removing the blood into a sterile bag for storage.

Therefore, the post-birth procedure is entirely safe and poses no risk to the mother or baby. Cord blood can be safely collected within minutes of birth and stored indefinitely.

The cord blood is taken to a blood bank, processed, and stored. The cord blood is tested for infections and illnesses at the facilities. After that, the cord blood is frozen and stored in a secure location.

Why Choose the United Arab Emirates to Bank Your Cord Blood?

The UAE offers some of the best cord blood banking facilities globally. Cord blood banks in the UAE are subject to stringent regulation and must meet high quality and safety standards.

Cord blood banks in the UAE offer several advantages, including:

  • A wide range of services: banks in the UAE offer various services, including collection, processing, storage, and transportation.
  • experienced staff: banks in the UAE have experienced staff familiar with all aspects of cord blood banking.
  • state-of-the-art facilities: Cord blood banks in the UAE have advanced labs and storage facilities.

What Happens if You No longer Need your Cord Blood?

Should you decide that you don’t need your cord blood, you can always donate it to a public bank or sell it to other people who desperately need stem cell treatment.

Cord blood donation is a painless and straightforward procedure that can save a life.

If you’re looking for a practical and affordable way to protect your family’s health and the healthy well-being of your baby, consider banking your baby’s cord blood at a facility in the UAE. With comprehensive services and state-of-the-art facilities, it’s one of the best options available.

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