4 Ways to Assist Your Baby Maintain a Healthy Wellbeing

When babies use physical and auditory responses, they are altering you that something may be wrong. Many parents struggle to stop their babies from crying, or experience the complete opposite; when a baby doesn’t cry it’s just as concerning. Though it may be annoying to live through your baby’s fits and emotional struggles, you have to work on resolving these issues. It’s crucial that as a parent, you prioritize focusing on the state of your baby’s health in all aspects. Here are ways you can help your baby maintain healthy wellbeing.

Quality Time

Babies need quality time with their parents in order to have a healthy development. The reason why your baby may cry frequently or seem unresponsive is that you are showing a lack of attention to them. You also shouldn’t spend too much time with your baby either. Devote a balanced amount of time that you can spend with your baby on a daily or weekly basis. Watching TV, reading, relaxing outside, and doing fun activities are all ways you can spend quality time with your baby. If you are raising a baby with your partner, make sure they also spend quality time with your baby. Parents who try to entertain their babies while being occupied with other tasks cause high-stress levels in their children. Though you can’t always be with your child, be aware of how often you are ignoring them.

Proper Discipline

Babies and toddlers have minimal perception when it comes to realize that their actions can be good or bad. During ages 0-4, your child isn’t going to feel responsible or have much thought process for their behavior. Your baby isn’t going to act perfectly, and that’s okay. If they cry, break something, or throw a tantrum, it’s important to act accordingly. Disciplining your baby or toddler is different than disciplining an older child. Instead of yelling, getting angry, or responding negatively, use their bad behavior as an opportunity to teach them things. If your baby refuses to eat, try to get them excited about the meal instead of pestering them. These small changes can have a positive impact on your baby’s future behavioral patterns. Remember, babies don’t understand how their moods can impact others.

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Limit Screen Time

You’ve probably heard the term “I-pad babies” thrown out a few times. The current generation of parents has a bad reputation because of the influence of technology. Some parents will resort to handing their babies or toddlers tablets and other electronics. This is because the parents don’t want to deal with their children, so they distract them with an electronic device. This heavy exposure to technology early on is highly damaging to the health and wellbeing of your baby. When you take away the electronics, they will respond in a demanding way, wanting to stay on the device for longer. Giving your child too much screen time will cause an addiction to electronics, invoking stress in your baby when they no longer have access to their device. Only give your child supervised screentime for short time periods. Not only will you get to spend time with them, but you can manage their attachment to their electronics.

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Show Affection

The biggest role of being a parent is showing love and affection to your children. Lack of affection is one of the biggest causes of stress in babies and children of all ages. The need for love is a natural part of the human race, especially in the early stages of development. Whether it’s the craving for affection from your mom or other parental figures, all babies need love. When your baby is crying or struggling, be supportive. Holding your baby and being right with them is a prominent part of affection. This is how a healthy connection can foster between a baby and a parent. Minimal affection will induce stress and negatively affect your baby’s well-being and overall health. 

Treating your baby well and being present in their life is the main goal of being a responsible parent. Parents that are there for their babies and do anything to make sure they are thriving will raise healthy children. These parenting approaches will help reduce stress within the life of your baby.

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