List of Countries by Highest Crude Oil Exports

The total Crude oil Exports in the world is around 41.5 million barrels per day, there are about 69 countries exports Crude oil to different countries in the world, there are a large number of crude oil reserves in a different part of the world. The Oil exports depend on Oil Companies’ production size, Saudi Arabia has many oil companies that produce millions of barrels per day, as a small country Saudi Arabia was spotted by many oil reserves and became one of the richest in the world. Dozens of big countries are importing Crude oils although their countries produce crude oil that is not enough for their needs. Russia is in the second position in Oil export as the largest country in the world the oil reserve is spotted in some parts of the country. The following Countries ranked by Highest Crude Oil Export in the world in barrels per day.

RankCountryBBL/DayYear of Estimate
1Saudi Arabia6,880,0002011 est.
2Russia5,430,0002009 est.
3Iraq2,600,0002012 est.
4Iran2,295,0002009 est.
5Nigeria2,051,0002009 est.
6United Arab Emirates2,036,0002009 est.
7Norway1,759,0002009 est.
8Angola1,757,0002009 est.
9Venezuela1,691,0002009 est.
10Kuwait1,365,0002009 est.
11Canada1,355,0002009 est.
12Mexico1,299,0002009 est.
13Kazakhstan1,078,0002009 est.
14Libya1,039,0002009 est.
15Azerbaijan821,0002011 est.
16United Kingdom788,9002009 est.
17Qatar704,3002009 est.
18Oman701,6002009 est.
19Algeria697,5002009 est.
20Brazil533,2002009 est.
21Sudan370,7002009 est.
22Colombia361,7002009 est.
23Ecuador341,9002009 est.
24Equatorial Guinea299,4002009 est.
25Indonesia293,1002009 est.
26Congo, Republic of the269,8002009 est.
27Vietnam267,5002009 est.
28Australia250,0002009 est.
29Malaysia236,4002009 est.
30Gabon226,8002009 est.
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