9 Large Oil Spills Caused by Hurricane Katrina

The Hurricane Katrina is the highly damaged and largest Atlantic tropical cyclone occurred in 2005, the total property damage around US$108 billion. The Katrina Hurricane caused lots damages including oil sector, the storm induced Oil spills from 44 facilities which effected in over 7 million US gallons of oil existing leaked. Some of the oil spills effected ecosystem and the habitats of sea turtle, Alabama beach mice. The hurricane caused huge damage on nature, Animals and human properties. The below list of 9 large oil spills that occurred during the Katrina hurricane attack of 2005.

Source: wikipedia.org

RankSpill LocationIn US gallonsIn Liter
1Bass Enterprises (Cox Bay) 378000014300000
2Shell (Pilot Town) 10500004000000
3Chevron (Empire) 9910003750000
4Murphy Oil (Meraux and Chalmette) 8190003100000
5Bass Enterprises (Pointe à la Hache) 4610001750000
6Chevron (Port Fourchon) 53000200000
7Venice Energy Services (Venice) 2500095000
8Shell Pipeline Oil (Nairn) 1344050900
9Sundown Energy (West Potash) 1300049000