9 Major Airports in Albania

Source: www.panoramio.com
Source: www.panoramio.com

Albania, a European country located in the southeastern part, it has lots of points of interest, thousands of foreign tourists visiting each year, and the airports come to busy in the particular seasons. The Aviation started here in 1924 and the first flights from Tirana to Shkoder, today every airport have modern facilities, Albanian aviation has the deep structure of history from the beginning to nowadays. Tirana International Airport Nene Tereza also known as Rinas International Airport is handles 1.6 million passengers annually and one of the largest in Albania which is linked to 29 destinations by 14 airlines. There are 9 Airports that notable and active in service for public is listed below.

Gjader AirportLAGJGjader
Korce Northwest AirportLAKOKorce
Kukes AirportLAKUKukes
Kucove AirportLAKVKucove
Tirana Mother Teresa AirportLATITIATirana
Sarande AirportLASRSarande (Saranda)
Shkoder AirportLASKShkoder (Shkodra)
Tirana Mil Hel AirportLAFKTirana
Vlore AirportLAVLVlore (Vlora)
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