8 Proven Ways to Prevent Car Accidents in 2023

Avoiding dangerous driving practices and conditions helps to keep you safe and secure on the roadways. In 2023, the same rules of the road apply as they did last year, and the year before that (and so on, and so on). If you want to stay out of accidents, and keep your neighborhood safe, here are eight proven ways to prevent car accidents in 2023: 

1. Avoid Speeding

There are speed restriction signs for a purpose. They are there to let you know what speed is best to drive on that specific road. This may be the result of increased traffic, abrupt curves, uneven pavement, and numerous other issues. Your reaction time will be slower and it will take longer to stop your automobile if you are driving too fast and need to avoid an accident. If you find yourself in a dangerous and costly accident, contacting a car accident attorney is your best avenue for receiving compensation and justice. 

2. Avoid Intoxicated Driving

It is well known that drinking impairs one’s capacity to concentrate and carry out daily tasks. Driving after having a few drinks (or an excessive amount) is dangerous, and puts both yourself and everyone on the road in danger. Even though accidents caused by drunk drivers can be avoided, they still happen every day. Always utilize a designated driver or a ride service if you are going out and intend to drink. Prescription medication and illicit drugs can also cause you to drive dangerously, so avoid intoxicated driving altogether. 

3. Avoid Inclement Weather

Car accidents can be greatly impacted by the weather. No matter where you live, rain is one of the most frequent causes, therefore it’s critical to pay close attention and exercise caution. For cars, trucks, and motorbikes, rain creates slippery, hazardous terrain, and it frequently leads to vehicles spinning out of control or skidding while braking. When it rains, drive more cautiously to prevent car accidents. Being careful with snow, ice, and other inclement weather is of utmost importance as well. 

4. Avoid Breaking Traffic Laws

Red indicates the need to stop, whether it is a stop sign or a traffic signal. Following traffic laws and signs is your responsibility every moment that you’re behind the wheel. Drivers who disregard stop signs and red lights put other people’s lives in danger because they frequently cause side-impact and rollover incidents at high speeds. Always come to a complete stop and scan both lanes for approaching vehicles to avoid a collision.

5. Avoid Unsafe Lane Changes

You will eventually need to move to another lane at some point when you’re driving. No matter where you’re driving, this is nearly guaranteed. Car accidents frequently result from unsafe lane changes made by drivers. Use your left and right turn signals to avoid collisions, and always check your blind areas before merging into the left or right lane.

6. Avoid Road Rage

Everyone has experienced road rage against other motorists for a variety of reasons, such as when they failed to signal, drove slowly in the fast lane, or pulled out in front of them. Some motorists make poor choices when they let their rage take over. Many unnecessary vehicle accidents are caused each year by drivers who tailgate other drivers out of resentment or who rush past other drivers before pulling in front of them and braking. The best course of action if you come across a road rager is to move aside and ignore their behavior.

Image by mohamed_hassan from Pixabay

7. Avoid Visible Potholes

If you are not paying attention to the road, potholes can be extremely dangerous and inflict serious damage. When drivers pass over these potholes, they run the risk of losing control of their vehicle or exploding a tire. Make sure your tires don’t pass over a pothole if you detect one in your path as you drive to prevent an accident. Watching out for other dangerous road defects and hazards will keep you safe behind the wheel in 2023.

8. Avoid Distracted Driving

Driving under the influence, driving too fast, or running a red light are not the leading causes of auto accidents. In actuality, it’s driving while inattentive. Anything that diverts your focus from the road constitutes a distraction while driving. We are continually distracted by the technology on our cell phones, which allows us to text, change songs, and converse on the phone.

Safe Driving Starts with You

You are the first line of defense between dangerous drivers, roadway conditions, and driving habits. The more you care about your own safety, the better you can be at boosting the safety of all the drivers you share the road with. With the right effort and know-how, you can keep the roadways safe for everyone.

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