8 Deepest lakes in North America

North America holds huge open land with a cool climate, thousands of natural and man-made lakes found here, most of the lakes in Canada and the United States, the continent covered area of 24.7 million sq km, it has 23 countries including the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Cuba. The Great Slave lake located in Canada in the region of Northwest Territories is the deepest lake in the continent of North America at the depth of 614 meters and at the depth of 594 meters, Crater lake in the United States is the second deepest.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay
Name of LakesCountryRegionDepth (meters)Depth (feet)
Great Slave  CanadaNorthwest Territories6142,015
Crater United StatesOregon5941,949
Quesnel  CanadaBritish Columbia5061,660
Tahoe  United StatesCalifornia, Nevada5011,644
Adams  CanadaBritish Columbia4571,499
Chelan  United StatesWashington (state)4531,486
Great Bear  CanadaNorthwest Territories4461,463
Superior  Canada,  United StatesOntario, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin4061,333

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