7 Best Tourist Destinations to Visit in 2023

Every year, people make it a point to travel with their families to locations across the world for a vacation. However, with rising prices, the cost of traveling has increased manifold. The best way to enjoy fun family time while vacationing and cutting down costs is by opting for package deals and low-cost travelling. 

Air Arabia is a low-cost carrier that operates from the Sharjah International Airport. It has flights to places in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent. If you want to vacation in a holiday destination in this world region, Air Arabia flights offer the best travel options with reduced fares and comfortable seating. Here are some of the best places to visit in 2023:

1. Graz, Austria

It is the cultural capital of Europe and also the capital city of Styria, Austria’s southern province. Explore the shops and restaurants along the city’s streets, which feature a mix of baroque and Renaissance architecture.  It is also a UNESCO-designated world heritage site. Throughout the city, you can experience a mix of medieval, art deco, and Renaissance influences in its architecture. When Napoleon brought this place under his control, the citizens paid money to prevent his army from destroying its iconic clock tower and bell tower. 

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2. Sharjah,  UAE

It is an emirate that is modern, and sophisticated, with the latest civic structures. Sharjah, which means “rising sun,” is the Arab world’s cultural capital. It is the first to set up a city government, educate women, and visit the Wasit Nature Reserve to see how beautiful the area is.  The Central Souk was built in 1976 and features blue tiles and shops selling a wide variety of goods, including art, crafts, clothing, groceries, spices, and more. 

3. Brescia & Bergamo, Italy

Both cities are known for their beautiful Roman temples and medieval streets. They showcase stunning and exotic natural beauty, which is magnificent to explore. Visit the beautiful lakes of Brescia, which are nestled between mountains and vineyard-covered hills. Bergamo is known for its ancient architecture and rich Italian culture. The Italian government has designated them as the cultural capital of 2023. 

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4. Cambutal, Panama

It is a remote village in Panama, with black sand beaches that offer opportunities for surfing, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and deep sea diving. On its borders are the Nacional Cerra Hoya and Reserva Forestal Tonsai, as well as the Reserva Forestal La Tronosa, which protect wildlife and forest reserves.  Because of how quiet it is here, a lot of retired people have moved here to settle down. 

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5. Transylvania, Romania

This region in Romania has the most picturesque natural beauty that will take a day to explore. Visit some of the magnificent medieval castles and towns that dot the landscape. The council square, surrounded by colorful baroque buildings, is very impressive.  When you explore some of the villages here, you will find people living as they used to hundreds of years ago. 

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6. Salvador, Brazil

Its beautiful beaches and impressive colonial baroque architecture have made this city a popular destination for surfers. This city dates back to 1549, when the Portuguese first colonized Brazil. It is known globally for its woodworking, shipbuilding, and leatherworking.  Visit the beautiful Joya de Ceren, which is a UNESCO-designated heritage site. It is also a place with many volcanoes, two of which are active and have earned the name ‘ land of volcanoes.”

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7. Great Lakes, USA

These series of lakes, which include Michigan, Superior, Ontario, Erie, and Huron, are interconnected and offer people a wide range of water sports adventures. It is also a means of trading and transportation in the states where they exist. some of the most unusual aquatic life, filling the place with biodiversity. 

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These destinations provide a vacation experience that takes you to some very unusual places. You can easily reach them through convenient, low-cost flights. Booking tickets for Air Arabia flights can be done through the airline’s official website, its mobile app or perhaps through quality travel sites. You can opt for a meal on the journey at an additional cost. The airline’s seating is very comfortable, and with no stopovers in between, the journey is quick and short.

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