5 Useful Tips to Get a Better Settlement in a Personal Injury Case

Recently, a drunk driver caused an accident in which you broke your arm. The recovery took a while, during which you were unable to go to work. You had also spent a lot of money on treating your broken hand and getting therapy. Despite all this, your insurance company offers an insultingly low amount as compensation.

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How do you avoid this?

With the help of a lawyer. Though personal injury settlements aren’t rocket science, you need help, especially to avoid and counter instances like the one mentioned above.

The settlement in a personal injury case depends on a lot of factors. This article discusses those factors that will help increase your compensation.

Proper Documentation of Injuries

Medical bills account for a major part of any personal injury compensation. Keep track of every cost associated with treating the accident-related injuries.

Settlements for more serious injuries fall in the higher range. This is because of the impact they have on the victim.

As for documentation, it helps to preserve all bills and receipts for every single medical expense incurred. This can be something as small as the cost incurred for hospital visits as well.

Also, when documenting, don’t forget to include the recommendation from your doctor about needing extended therapy. Personal injury settlements usually include future medical expenses as well.

Stay Off Social Media

This is generally good advice, but even more so when you’re injured. You’ll get a rough estimate of the expected compensation at the initial stages of the case. On top of that, you’ll have lots of free time.

You’ll be tempted to make a social media post about the huge amount you’re expecting. And given all the free time, you’ll get the urge to do things you’ve always wanted to do.

Do not let your intrusive thoughts win under any circumstances. Insurance adjusters are vultures looking for the smallest of ways to deny or reduce compensation. Being active on social media or bragging about the huge compensation could spell disaster for your case. Your recent posts will be used against you, claiming that you are perfectly fine.

Although this doesn’t increase settlement, it is an important point to consider to receive fair compensation.

Thorough Evaluation of Losses

As a victim of an act of negligence, you’ll probably be subjected to economic losses. When the topic of economic losses comes up, you’ll have to include property damage and lost income on top of medical bills. Then there are assistive services you’ll need if you’re mobilized. All these have to be considered depending on the specifics of your case.

Additionally, a victim may suffer from mental disturbances. All the psychological conditions that arise due to the accident have to be recorded as well. All this will add up to the overall compensation amount.

Keep the Statute of Limitations in Mind

The statute of limitations is a set of laws that remove the right of a victim to file a case after a specific period of time from the date of the accident. In most states, a victim has two years from the date of the accident to file a claim.

The statute of limitations aims to prevent cases from piling up and evidence from fading over time. This is also the reason why you must start the legal process as soon as possible. Failure to do so often questions the seriousness of your injuries and your claim.

Don’t Accept the First Offer

The first offer is always low. Insurance companies look to close off cases as soon as possible. This will be reflected in their offer as well. The first offer is always low and doesn’t justify all the damages and losses you have suffered.

The insurance adjuster will trick you into accepting their offer by downplaying your injuries, or rushing you into accepting the low offer.

Whenever insurance adjusters approach you, simply ask them to contact your lawyer. This discourages them from visiting you again.


Although not a comprehensive list, these tips will ensure you get better compensation and that the insurance company doesn’t get the upper hand. Get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer to receive assistance in your case. They will also negotiate with insurance companies to make sure you get the highest compensation possible.

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