Top 10 Absolute Truths About Paternity

If you are going to date Russian women, you should be ready for the fact that most of them want to have kids. No matter how much you love children, your attitude to these “flowers of life” will change dramatically when you have your own. In the process of bringing up, you might cry, feel desperate and be absolutely happy. After all, paternity is a heavy burden, when you are young and inexperienced.


If you have more than one kids, you will have a favorite one.

Some people claim, “I equally love all my children. How can you love one song, if you are a musician? Children are the music of my life.” It is a bunch of lies. You will have a favorite kid who, perhaps, will be the smartest, the most beautiful, or just very like you.

Every year with small kids will count as two.

In fact, you have a little time for yourself when you have little children, and it doesn’t matter whether you get some help or not. You will not have plenty of time to sleep it off. However, it will get easier over time, and the children will become more interesting.

You will have less money for yourself.

The “All the best to the children” slogan becomes a principle for all good parents. So, if you are going to be a good father, be ready that it will be harder to spend an additional amount of money on unnecessary but pleasant things.

You will have a rational approach to clothing.

When you become a parent, you will realize how comfortable a tracksuit with many pockets is. You will be able to take with you all the bought trinkets as well as your broken dreams. In general, you will pay less attention to the clothes.

You will become the most sarcastic person.

If you want to become a guru of sarcasm, you should have children. Family life can make you the most sarcastic person in the district. And sarcastic comments will become your distinctive features.

You will be sure that a good dream is a myth.

In order to sleep peacefully at night, you need to increase the skill of “indifference,” or take medicine, which reduces the sensitivity of sleep. Your body will hardly be glad, but it can’t be helped.

You will start perceiving the kids’ hysterics differently.

Kids are very cunning creatures who perfectly see your strong and weak sides. First, they can try to blackmail you, for example, by running away when they don’t want to do anything like eating healthy food, putting away their toys, or walking with a dog. However, if you be patient and stand your ground, or put them in their place, you will see the changes in their behavior.

You will have a place where you will be able to hide.

All parents have places where they can hide from fuss and noise. Someone who is less fortunate perceives a workplace as a rescue. Another one has friends for such purpose or just listens to favorite music in the car. Every parent needs a kind of relaxation from family life.

You will cease to communicate with some friends.

You can endlessly prove to your friends that children have not changed your life at all, and you are still the same crazy man. However, the cool guys do not leave the party at 9 pm. Actually, being a parent is a very cool thing in its own way. You’re almost Superman, but your friends do not understand this until they get their own offspring. Therefore, it will be easier for you to find a common language with a person who also has children.

You will understand that everything is not so bad.

First, you can think that a kid is the cause of your discomfort, you will hate sleepless nights and lack of money. However, you will love your baby, every day noticing so much in common. Anyway, when you are together, you will experience slight awe, a burst of energy, and delight from your paternity.

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