30 Largest Impact Craters on Earth’s History

The largest collision with the Earth by the large Comet, Asteroid, Meteorite and other Celestial objects in the History of the Earth. The Marks of the Impacts are confirmed by the Expedition and Research, which occurred millions of years ago on Earth. The Major Impacts can occur in every 10 million years and 5m to 10m in diameter Asteroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere once in a year. The Earth has been struck by 60 objects during the last 600 million years. For scoured or entombed craters the stated diameter typically refers to an estimate of original rim diameter and may not correspond to present surface features. The largest confirmed Impact on Earth is Vredefort occurred in a free state of South Africa at the Diameter of 300 km and around 2020 million years old. The Impact’s surface diameter is original measured by scientific methods and not measured by present surface characteristics.

1. Vredefort Crater

Vredefort is the largest confirmed impact crater on Earth, the Spot located in the Free State in South Africa. The diameter of the Crater is around 250 to 300 Km that occurred by the Asteroid (5-10 Km in diameter) some around 2.023 Billion Years ago. This crater has listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2005 for its geological structure.

2. Sudbury Basin

It one of the Major known impact craters on Earth, Sudbury also the oldest impact occurred in Ontario in Canada. This Impact crater created great geological structure around 250 Km in diameter, the impact formed from bolide that estimated of around 10-15 km in diameter occurred about 1850 Million years ago.

3. Chicxulub Crater

The Impact occurred in Mexico around 65 million years ago, more than 180 km in diameters and 20 km in depth. The Impact discovered in 1978 by Antonio Camargo who had been searching for petroleum. The Largest Impact continues in the list with details, the impacts confirmed by a geological experts and scientists.

Chicxulub crater Vredefort crater Sudbury Basin
Rank Name Location Diameter (km) Age (million years)
4 Woodleigh Western Australia, Australia 60-160 364
5 Kara Nenetsia, Russia 120 70.3
6 Manicouagan Quebec, Canada 100 215
7 Popigai Siberia, Russia 100 35.7
8 Acraman South Australia, Australia 85-90 580
9 Chesapeake Bay Virginia, United States 85 35.5
10 Puchezh-Katunki Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia 80 167
11 Morokweng Kalahari Desert, South Africa 70 145
12 Yarrabubba Western Australia, Australia 30-70 2650
13 Tai Lake Tai, China 68.5 360-375
14 Tookoonooka Queensland, Australia 55-66 112-133
15 Beaverhead Idaho and Montana, United States 60 600
16 Charlevoix Quebec, Canada 54 342
17 Siljan Ring Dalarna, Sweden 52 377
18 Karakul Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan 52 25
19 Montagnais Nova Scotia, Canada 45 50.5
20 Araguainha Central Brazil 40 244.4
21 Saint Martin Manitoba, Canada 40 220
22 Mjolnir Barents Sea, Norway 40 142
23 Steen River Alberta, Canada 24-40 91
24 Carswell Saskatchewan, Canada 39 115
25 Clearwater West Quebec, Canada 36 290
26 Manson Iowa, United States 35 74
27 Guarda Portugal 35 200
28 Slate Islands Ontario, Canada 32 450
29 Keurusselka Western Finland, Finland 30-Oct 1400-1500
30 Shoemaker Western Australia, Australia 30 1630
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