30 Largest Impact Craters on Earth’s History

The largest collision with the Earth by the large Comet, Asteroid, Meteorite, and other Celestial objects in the History of the Earth. The Marks of the Impacts are confirmed by the Expedition and Research, which occurred millions of years ago on Earth. The Major Impacts can occur every 10 million years and 5m to 10m in diameter Asteroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere once a year. The Earth has been hit by 60 objects during the last 600 million years. The largest confirmed Impact on Earth is Vredefort occurred around 2020 million years ago in a free state of South Africa, it spread at a Diameter of 300 km.

1. Vredefort Crater

Vredefort is the largest confirmed impact crater on Earth, the Spot located in the Free State in South Africa. The diameter of the Crater is around 250 to 300 Km that occurred by the Asteroid (5-10 Km in diameter) some around 2.023 Billion Years ago. This crater has listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2005 for its geological structure.

2. Sudbury Basin

It one of the Major known impact craters on Earth, Sudbury also the oldest impact that occurred in Ontario in Canada. This Impact crater created a great geological structure around 250 Km in diameter, the impact formed from bolide that estimated at around 10-15 km in diameter occurred about 1850 million years ago.

3. Chicxulub Crater

The Impact occurred in Mexico around 65 million years ago, more than 180 km in diameters and 20 km in depth. The Impact discovered in 1978 by Antonio Camargo who had been searching for petroleum. The Largest Impact continues in the list with details, the impacts confirmed by geological experts and scientists.

Chicxulub craterVredefort craterSudbury Basin
RankNameLocationDiameter (km)Age (million years)
4WoodleighWestern Australia, Australia60-160364
5KaraNenetsia, Russia12070.3
6ManicouaganQuebec, Canada100215
7PopigaiSiberia, Russia10035.7
8AcramanSouth Australia, Australia85-90580
9Chesapeake BayVirginia, United States8535.5
10Puchezh-KatunkiNizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia80167
11MorokwengKalahari Desert, South Africa70145
12YarrabubbaWestern Australia, Australia30-702650
13TaiLake Tai, China68.5360-375
14TookoonookaQueensland, Australia55-66112-133
15BeaverheadIdaho and Montana, United States60600
16CharlevoixQuebec, Canada54342
17Siljan RingDalarna, Sweden52377
18KarakulPamir Mountains, Tajikistan5225
19MontagnaisNova Scotia, Canada4550.5
20AraguainhaCentral Brazil40244.4
21Saint MartinManitoba, Canada40220
22MjolnirBarents Sea, Norway40142
23Steen RiverAlberta, Canada24-4091
24CarswellSaskatchewan, Canada39115
25Clearwater WestQuebec, Canada36290
26MansonIowa, United States3574
28Slate IslandsOntario, Canada32450
29KeurusselkaWestern Finland, Finland30-Oct1400-1500
30ShoemakerWestern Australia, Australia301630

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