3 Reasons Why Going Green Is Good For Business

In simple terms, going green only means making a concerted effort to attain sustainability by reducing the negative environmental impact of your business. As such, the advocacy springs within a holistic approach of being responsive and submissive to transformative changes in consideration of issues in the environment. Not only does it aim to reduce operating costs but more so underscores the importance of the earth’s natural resources.

You can, in your own little way, make certain steps to incorporate recycling and reusing in your business to potentially reap positive effects on the environment whether on a micro or macro level. Sustainability is more than just for good PR, it is slowly becoming a way of life. Climate change has posed a threat affecting our lives at an alarming rate. Businesses very much rely on land, fossil fuels, resources, and mass production and consumption which can take a toll on the environment negatively. Going green is good for business because it acts as a conscious response to these issues and as a result, your business will:

Improve its Brand’s Reputation.

People are becoming more and more conscious of their surroundings and are slowly becoming conscious about the products they buy as well as the brand’s advocacies. This is what brought Lego an appraise in value from their simple decision of producing Lego products from plant-based sources. To maximize sustainability, they also discovered and made ways to produce from sugarcane and leaves. As a matter of fact, they aim to embed sustainability from their products to its packaging by 100% come 2030. This, in turn, resulted in overwhelming growth manifested in their sales. 

Make Your Employees More Fulfilled About Their Jobs.

As everyone would like to contribute to mitigating climate change, employees do not only feel safer but happier and evoke positive feelings from customers resulting in employees’ high morale. Employees feel that the company is doing it as an initiative to keep them healthy. It also makes them stay in their jobs simply because of the idea that they do not want to leave a company that cares about the community they dwell in. In Bank of America, they devised an incentive program offering installments of solar panels at a discounted price to support a cause. In addition, they give a $3000 reimbursement when clients avail an eco-friendly vehicle. They gained appreciation from their employees and only proved that they also care about the world their employees live in. Thinking about something like this for your employees? Companies in Utah reach out to SunPower by Custom Energy for all of their solar panel needs. They can help answer questions on how to put together an incentive plan like this.

Some states and countries have provisions that mandate compliance with environmentally responsive laws including the clean air act, clean water act, and the U.S. environmental protection agency. Such plans aim to lead in the conservation of resources and reduce carbon emissions while advocating corporate sustainability. Yearly, more laws are making it to various governmental levels as we are continuing to reap the benefits of understanding that the earth’s ecology needs to be an area of focus.

All these are not just rudimentary elements of businesses today, they are an integral part of business structures and it has helped the earth, its flora, and fauna, to breathe again. Going green is beneficial in many ways more than one. You can secure more profits coming and attain your objectives by making your business plan commit to at least one, if not all, the effort for sustainability.

Reduced operating costs, more innovative strategies, and highly valued customers who have found a sense of fulfillment being one with you can definitely help you in your financial success. Patrons and customers view sustainability as a plus. It may not be an easy task shifting from commercial to sustainable but the challenge is worth every reward. Successful proprietors, entrepreneurs, and owners simply remark problems as opportunities for improvement. Now is the best time to embrace sustainability and implement strategies that target it. It always just now or never.


Bash Sarmiento is a writer and an educator from Manila. He writes laconic pieces in the education, lifestyle, and health realms. His academic background and extensive experience in teaching, textbook evaluation, business management, and traveling are translated into his works.


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