20 Deepest Lakes in the World

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Hundreds of large and deep Natural lakes are found in the world, most of them are freshwater. Many deepest lakes are naturally formed thousands or millions of years ago and located in different parts of the earth. Deepwater in the lakes is home to thousands of new kinds of species. Many notable lakes are located above the equator of the globe.

Baikal Lake is the deepest Natural Lake on the planet with a depth of 1,637 meters from the surface, Baikal is located in Russia and has thick ice covers in the winter. Tanganyika and the Caspian Sea are the second and third deepest lakes respectively in the world.

List of 20 deepest Natural lakes on the Planet

RankNameCountryRegionDepth (meters)Depth (feet)
2Tanganyika Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, ZambiaCentral Africa1,4704,823
3Caspian Sea Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan1,0253,363
4Vostok Antarctica1,0003,300
5O'Higgins-San Martín Chile, ArgentinaAysén (Chile), Santa Cruz (Argentina)8362,742
6Malawi Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi7062,316
7Issyk Kul Kyrgyzstan6682,192
8Great Slave CanadaNorthwest Territories6142,015
9CraterUnited StatesOregon5941,949
10HornindalsvatnetNorwaySogn og Fjordane237778
12Karakul Tajikistan210689
13Sarez Tajikistan202662
14Caspian Sea Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan184604
15Ranau IndonesiaSumatra174571
16Quesnel CanadaBritish Columbia157515
17Ohrid Macedonia, Albania155508
18GenevaSwitzerland, France153502
19Singkarak IndonesiaWest Sumatra149489
20Loch Ness United KingdomScotland133436
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