10 Top Ancient Leaning Structures around the World

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There are many leaning towers including old and new with modern technology, Here 10 leaning towers built hundreds of years ago where that still stronger. The European countries have many of the buildings that taller and stronger as they were forward in building the structures. The reason of lean by the weak foundation, stone cracks or by weather, it may take centuries to lean and many of the leaning structures shown below are stay leaned by many centuries. The Suurhusen Church Tower is the highest leaning structure at 5.19 degree, the tower of Pisa at 3.97 with a height of 56 meters.

1. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Photo by McPig via flickr

Also called The Tower of Pisa, located in the Tuscany district of Italy, marble, and stone used to build this tower. In 1173, the foundations of the tower laid and finally completed in 1372 after many steps of construction. The tower has 296 steps and an estimated weight of 13,500 metric tons

Address: Piazza del Duomo, 56126 Pisa PI, Italy
Opened: 1372
Province: Province of Pisa
Architectural style: Romanesque architecture
Height: 56 m
Function: Bell tower
Architect: Bonanno Pisano

Leaned: 3.99o

2. Tiger Hill Pagoda, China

Photo by Russ Bowling via flickr

This is the Chinese Pagoda located on Tiger Hill in Suzhou city of Jiangsu Province in Southeast China, the construction has begun in 907 CE at the time the land ruled by the Wuyue Kingdom and completed in 961 CE during the Song Dynasty.

Address: Tiger Hill in Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province, southeast China
Height: 47 meters
Weight: 7,000 tons
Opened: 961 CE
Province: Jiangsu
Leaned: 3o

3. Two Towers of Bologna, Italy

Source: www.goldenassay.com

The two towers are the structures called Asinelli and Garisenda, the Asinelli is the taller structure and leaned 1.3o with the height of 319 feet and the Garisenda leaned 4.3o at the height of 48 meters. The Garisenda structure leaned highly than the leaning tower of Pisa.

Height: Asinelli (104 meters), Garisenda (48 meters)
Address: Piazza di Porta Ravegnana, 40126 Bologna, Italy
Province: Province of Bologna
Architectural style: Renaissance architecture
Leaned: 4.3o(Asinelli) and 1.3 (Garisenda)

4. Bad Frankenhausen Church Tower, Germany

Photo by Markus Prowaznik via Panoramio

The Church located in the spa town Bad Frankenhausen in the Kyffhauserkies district of Germany, the church claimed the second most round-backed tower in Germany, built-in 1382, the leaning caused by sinkholes of the nearby salt mines which started in 17 century, increasing 6m of leaning a year.

Address: Bad Frankenhausen, Thuringia, Germany
Opened: 1382
Leaned: 4.8o

5. The Leaning Tower of Nevyansk, Russia

Photo by Andrey Bogdanov via Panoramio

It is the tower in the town of Nevyansk in Russia, which constructed in 18th century, the purpose of the tower still not clear, some says used it a bank safe, or watchtower, or bell tower, or a prison. The tower stands at the height of 57.5 meters from the ground with a base of 31 feet square, built between 1721 and 1745.

Opened: 1732
Floors: 9
Height: 58 m
Leaned: 3o

6. Leaning Church Tower of Suurhusen, Germany

Photo by Axel Heymann via wikipedia

This is the Church located Suurhusen in Aurich district of Germany, constructed in 1450, this is the world’s most leaning tower at 5.19o, the foundation of the church made from thick masonry and resting on oak piles, the total weight of the church is 2,116 tones.

Height: 27.37 meters
Materials: Brick
Architectural style: Gothic
Opened: 1450
Leaned: 5.19

7. Leaning Tower of Burano, Italy

Photo by runner6496 via Panoramio

The tower of Burano is the church of Saint Martino is located on the Venetian island and the reason to lean the tower is that they are much heavier than houses with normal foundations. The Church is the most identifiable landmark of the island with a leaning of the bell tower in the church.

Address: Burano, Italy
Architectural style: traditional Italian
Province: Province of Venice
Leaned: 1.8 meters

8. Oude Kerk, Netherlands

Photo by Sander van der Wel via Flickr

This is the oldest building in Amsterdam founded in 1213 and the tower in the land which opened between 1325 and 1350 which build near the old canal, the reason is the bottom of the foundation weaker and getting wet by the canal.

Address: Oudekerksplein 23, 1012 GX Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opened: 1350
Province: North Holland
Height: 67 m

9. Leaning Tower of Bedum, Netherlands

Photo By Mart61 via Panoramio

The leaning Church St. Walfriduskerk located in Bedum of Netherlands which found in the 12th century, it is a 36-meter tower calculated as leaning at a greater angle than the leaning tower of Pisa.

Address: Bedum, Groningen Province, northeastern Netherlands
Height: 35.7 m (117 ft 2 in)
Materials: Brick
Status: Church
Opened: 12th century
Style: Romanesque, Gothic
Leaned: 2.61m

10. Leaning Temple of Huma, India

Photo by MKar via Wikipedia

The Temple of Huma is the Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, located in the state of Orissa. The reason for learning is by design or weak foundation. The angle of leaning is yet to be measured.

Address: Huma, Sambalpur, Orissa, India
Founded: 1660-1788
Architectural style: Stone and Limestone Temple

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