10 Tallest Buildings in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the major cities in India. Hundreds of buildings are more than 50 meters tall and the tallest building in Bangalore is Mantri Pinnacle stands at 153 meters high. The tallest buildings are built for Residential use (Luxury Apartments, Ultra Luxury Apartment) and a few for commercial purposes.

The high-story buildings are rare in the city, many are under construction and many tallest buildings are proposed and approved. The below list including the 10 highest buildings in Bangalore and the sub-buildings not ranked separately.

Mantri Pinnacle
1Mantri Pinnacle46153 metresResidential
2SNN Water's Edge 1A40135 metresResidential
SNN Water's Edge 1B40135 metresResidential
SNN Water's Edge 2A40135 metresResidential
SNN Water's Edge 2B40135 metresResidential
3World Trade Center Bangalore32128 metresCommercial
4UB Tower20120 metresHigh-end commercial, Retail, Service apartment space
5Brigade Exotica 135120 metresResidential (Luxury Apartment)
Brigade Exotica 235120 metresResidential (Luxury Apartment)
6Concord Tower20115 metresResidential (Luxury Apartment)
7Karle Zenith 134115 metresResidential
Karle Zenith 234115 metresResidential
Karle Zenith 334115 metresResidential
8Salarpuria Gold Summit A32112 metresResidential
9Pashmina Waterfront Tower 133112 metresResidential
Pashmina Waterfront Tower 233112 metresResidential
Pashmina Waterfront Tower 333112 metresResidential
Pashmina Waterfront Tower 433112 metresResidential
Pashmina Waterfront Tower 533112 metresResidential
10Public Utility Building25105 metresBusiness and Commercial

Note: The under-construction taller buildings will be listed after the official announcement of completion.

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