10 Best Combat Rifles Ever Made

Rifles are a current generation’s combat weapon. It’s designed of tough metal and uses cutting-edge technology to hit a precise target. Thousands of rifle types have been produced by various countries’ defense systems, and some of them are strong and effectively used in militaries. Battle rifles, Assault rifles, Anti-tank rifles, Scout rifles, Sniper rifles, and Carbines are all popular firearms. The Rifles listed below are still in service, with significant upgrades provided by the Army and Forces.

10. M14 rifle

The M14 is a battle and sniper rifle that was created in 1954. Around 1.5 million M14s were produced, and several comparable versions such as the M14E1, M14E2/M14A1, M14K, M21, M25, Mk 14 EBR, and M1A rifle are still in use by various nations, including the US.

Rate of Fire: 700-750 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity: 850 m/s
Place of Origin: United States

9. Sturmgewehr 44 (StG 44)

This is a World War II-era German-made rifle that was utilized by Germany, France, Hungary, Syria, and Israel. The StG 44 was developed in 1942 and manufactured between 1942 and 1945, and it was utilized in numerous wars, including World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Syrian Civil War.

Rate of Fire: 550-600 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity: 650 m/s
Place of Origin: Nazi Germany

8. 1903 Springfield

This is a bolt-action rifle that was created in 1902 and was used in numerous battles including the Banana Wars, Mexican Revolution, Korean War, Chinese Civil War, Vietnam War, and World Wars I and II. Springfield rifles were manufactured from 1903 until 1974 and are still used in US Marine shooting competitions today.

Rate of Fire: 10-15 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity: 850 m/s
Place of Origin: United States

7. Karabiner 98K

This is the Bolt action rifle, which was created in 1935 and manufactured over 14 million rifles between 1935 and 1945. It was used in a number of wars, including World War I, the Spanish Civil War, the Greek Civil War, the Korean War, the Suez War, the Algerian War, and the Vietnam War. It was the standard German service rifle until 1945 when World War II came to a conclusion. The Karabiner 98K was one of the most widely used weapons in World War II.

Rate of Fire: how quickly the bolt could be operated
Muzzle Velocity: 860 m/s
Place of Origin: Nazi Germany


The FN FAL is a Belgian-made combat rifle that was produced from 1953 to 1988 and has been utilized by over 90 nations. It’s a rifle with a self-loading magazine. The FN FAL, which weighs between 4.3 and 5.95 kg, is one of the most commonly used rifles in history.

Rate of Fire: 650–700 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity: 840 m/s
Place of Origin: Belgium

5. M1 Garand

The rifle features a semi-automatic mechanism invented in 1928 and about 6.2 million rifles were made between 1936 and 1957 and the early 1980s. It is similar in design to the Karabiner 98K, but the performance is entirely different. During World War II, each unit cost $85 and was used in numerous conflicts, including the Korean War, World War II, and the Vietnam War.

Rate of Fire: 40-50 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity: 853 m/s
Place of Origin: United States

4. Lee Enfield SMLE

Lee Enfield is a bolt-action rifle made in the United Kingdom that’s also popular in India, Pakistan, and Europe. Over 17 million rifles were produced between 1895 and 1926, and from 1907 until the present in a new variant known as the SMLE. The basic version, which weighs 4kg and is 44 inches in length, is charged using five circular charger clips.

Rate of Fire: 10-round magazine
Muzzle Velocity: 744 meters/second
Place of Origin: United States

3. Steyr AUG

One of Austria’s most powerful assault rifles, the A3 SF, was created in the 1970s and is utilized by a number of nations, including Australia. This rifle weighs just 3.3kg and has a maximum fire range of 3,700 meters and an effective firing range of 300 meters. It was used in the Afghanistan War, Iraq War, and Syrian Civil War.

Rate of Fire: 680-750 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity: 970 m/s
Place of Origin: Austria

2. M16 Rifle

The M16 is a powerful assault rifle that was created in 1956 and produced from 1959 to the present. Over 8 million units were produced. It comes in four different models: M16A1, M16A2, M4A1, and M16A4. It weighs 3.26kg and has a standard length. The rifle saw action in the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, the Laotian Civil War, the Gulf War, among several other conflicts.

Rate of Fire: 45-60 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity: 948 m/s
Place of Origin: United States

1. AK-47 Rifle

Most people on the planet are familiar with the term “AK-47,” a highly effective weapon built by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the Soviet Union between 1946 and 1948. It has been in service in over 100 countries since 1949. There were almost 75 million AK-47s produced, not including the 100 million Kalashnikov-family weapons. The AK-47 is the most frequently used and produced assault weapon, outnumbering all other well-known assault rifles combined.

Rate of Fire: Cyclic 600 rounds/min (Practical), 40 rounds/min (semi-automatic), 100 rounds/min (fully automatic)
Muzzle Velocity: 715 m/s
Place of Origin: Soviet Union

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