Top Largest Man-Made Lakes in the World

Man-made Lakes are Created by Dams, the Dams are built for many purposes including Water supply, Generating Power, Farming, and Controlling overflows, Recreation. The Dams creates Huge Reservoir that called Man-made Lakes. Reservoirs are the artificial Lake or internment from a dam is used to keep water. Nowadays Water is the most needed sources for people for their uses in daily activities, agriculture and industrial purposes. Dams are the ways to store water and to supply water to the people for many daily uses. There are thousands of dams built contingent on the volume of the River and demand of Water. Lake Kariba is the largest Man-made Lake in the world that can store water about 180 cubic kilometers.

9. Zeya Reservoir

The Zeya Dam is the Concrete Gravity Dam that creates Zeya Reservoir located in the town of Zeya in Russia, near the Chinese border. The Dam built on the Zeya River in 1975. The Reservoir covered surface area of 2,420 square km with the storage capacity of 68 cubic kilometers.

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