Why Should Startups Invest in Android App Development

Business expansion is the primary goal of startups. Reaching new heights and generating immense revenue becomes the preliminary motive for running a business. Once the idea of digitalization seeps into decision-maker’s minds, the next step startups often take is to build an app for their business to target the target audience. 

The dilemma that often delays the app development process is the final decision about the right platform. Whether a startup should get developed for iOS or Android? The decision is evident considering that Android has 69.98% of the total market share for mobile operating systems, leaving iOS with 29.27% only. 

12 Benefits of Custom Android Application Development Services For Startups

Why do startups invest in custom Android application development? To understand the reasons in-depth, let us analyze other factors.  

1.Market Share

As we cited above, Android bears 69.98% of the market share in the mobile operating system market. Corporations can target a comprehensive range of audiences by creating an Android app. The masses utilize Android devices to expand businesses’ customer base and revenue.

2. Global Reach

Android is celebrated not exclusively in developed countries but also in contemporary emerging markets. The mass use of Android makes it a superior platform for enterprises darting to extend their global reach and jump into a myriad and increasing user base.

3. Diverse User Base

Considering Android devices are available in different screen sizes, price points, and hardware configurations, the user base for businesses expands. This variety lets enterprises do comparative research analysis and target a broad range of users with varied requirements and preferences.

4. Cost Efficiency

An Android app developer for hire is a much more cost-efficient solution than hiring an iOS developer. Android is an open-source platform for development with zero licensing expenditures, so it is an appealing option for companies with funding constraints.

5. Customization

Android presents elevated customization, encouraging enterprises to construct distinctive and innovative app experiences. Customization can assist in setting up a trustworthy brand existence and enhancing user engagement.

6. App Distribution

Deploying apps on the Google Play Store is moderately easy and straightforward, and the authorization procedure is less strict than in Apple’s App Store. Since the publishing process is much more straightforward, businesses can bring their apps to market easily and with a hassle-free process. The approval process can be streamlined with an Android app development agency, considering they have years of experience. 

7. Monetization Options

Android offers monetization possibilities, including investments, in-app advertising, and subscription pinnacles. Enterprises can select the method that works best with their revenue objectives.

8. Google Services Integration

Android is integrated with most Google services, such as Firebase, Google Maps, and Google Pay. Utilizing treasured Google services, businesses can improve the functionality of their app and enhance the user experience. Android app developers and let them ensure that your application is integrated with necessary Google services. f

9. Customer Engagement

Mobile apps offer a direct medium for enterprises to encounter their customers. Android apps can forward push notifications and messages, present personalized content, and collect user information, entitling companies to customize their marketing measures effectively. 

10. Competitive Edge

Owning an Android app can provide enterprises with a competitive edge. It displays that the establishment is customer-oriented and forward-thinking, which can support attracting and retaining clients.

11. Data Analytics

Android apps can gather invaluable user information and insights. Examining this data authorizes companies to make data-driven judgments, enhance their products or services, and redefine their marketing techniques.

12. Improved Customer Loyalty

A user-friendly and interactive Android app can improve customer commitment by offering a suitable and dependable interaction. Regular app use can heighten the customer-business relationship.

Why Choose an Android App Development Agency for Expanding your Market?

For businesses that keep an onlook on the future and move towards much-needed expansion, app development is the first idea that pops into their head. Enterprises and businesses can choose the best Android app development services to build an Android app. These services cover the aspects of planning, designing, development, and deployment with the assistance of their skilled developers. 

With prior experience and immense industry knowledge, an Android app development company offers a systematic approach, agile methodology, and practical understanding. They also choose innovative and professional developers worldwide with in-depth talent. Such companies follow an organized strategy to build Android apps with the necessary features and functionalities while incorporating complex features. Keeping the timely delivery in mind, they also provide the clients with an app that offers a user-friendly interface for client satisfaction. 


Now is the time for mid-sized businesses and established enterprises to build their own Android app for business expansion and revenue generation. Hire Android app developers for a reliable development process that delivers the project on time. They develop apps that are highly scalable and align with the needs of the businesses. In the ever-evolving app development market, the right to time shine and get the competitive edge is now. Choose your app development partner wisely and benefit your startup.

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