Why Rent Premium Apartment in Phnom Penh?

Are you ready to elevate your living experience in the heart of Cambodia’s vibrant capital? Phnom Penh, a city that seamlessly blends history, culture, and modernity, offers multiple reasons to choose a premium apartment for your next home. From the glittering skyline along the Mekong River to the rich tapestry of Khmer traditions, renting a premium apartment in Phnom Penh is your gateway to an extraordinary lifestyle.

Imagine waking up to panoramic views of the Royal Palace or enjoying a sunset cocktail from your private balcony overlooking the Tonle Sap River. Premium apartments in Phnom Penh not only provide you with luxurious amenities and top-notch security but also grant you unparalleled access to the city’s finest restaurants, shopping districts, and entertainment hubs.

In this article, we will delve into the details of why you should be renting a premium apartment in Phnom Penh. But before we get into the benefits, it is essential to know the role of the best real estate agencies in the renting process! Phnom Penh has several rules and regulations for renting, and only an expert and experienced real estate agency like IPS Cambodia can assist you the best!

Benefits of Renting a Premium Apartment in Phnom Penh 

  • Lifestyle and Comfort:

The comfort and luxury that premium apartments in Phnom Penh offer are bliss. These apartments are designed with intricate detailing and sophisticated interiors and are usually spacious, which gives living and entertainment space for guests and small events. These apartments provide luxury, lifestyle, and comfort to their residents. When amenities like access to swimming pools and gyms are provided, it gives a sense of comfort that people seek in this fast-growing city.

  • Spectacular Views:

These premium apartments are located in prime locations that offer their residents spectacular views.  Some buildings are strategically made to provide breathtaking panoramic views of city lights or the Mekong River, or simply well-known landmarks like the Royal Palace, Independence Monument, Silver Pagoda, Central Market, and others. 

  • Exceptional Amenities:

Usually, premium apartments are fully furnished and have equipped kitchens, with other amenities like

  • 24/7 Security, 
  • Swimming pools, 
  • Free WiFi and cable TV, 
  • Fitness centre, 
  • Private parking, 
  • Beautiful lobby, balcony/patio/terrace,
  • Air-conditioning, 
  • Duplex layout, 
  • Laundry. 

With such amenities available, residents feel secure within the premises and need not opt for any external services for their daily chores. 

  • High-Quality Services:

When we talk about high-quality services in premium apartments, some of those services include housekeeping, concierge, and maintenance services, which make a lot of difference in residents’ daily lives.

  • Security and Privacy:

Not all apartments have the service of an advanced security system, which sometimes makes a lot of difference when you look to rent an apartment. For some people, it is part of their checklist before moving in.

When you have dedicated security and privacy at the apartments, it gives a sense of relief to the residents. 24/7 surveillance and advanced security systems provide a lot of comfort to the residents regarding their security and their families. 

  • Opportunity to Network:

It is very common to get affected by the surroundings where you live. When you live in premium apartments, you get to meet people with similar mindsets and have the opportunity to connect with them. In these environments and when like-minded people get to network, a very nice community is being built, which helps with the personal and professional growth of the residents. 

Affordability of Premium Apartments in Phnom Penh 

Regarding luxury living, Phnom Penh offers a pleasant surprise: premium apartments are more affordable than you might think. Phnom Penh offers a wide range of premium apartment options, with monthly rents typically ranging from $480 to $3500, depending on your preferences and requirements. This flexibility ensures that premium living is within reach for a diverse range of budgets.

Moreover, the cost of living in Phnom Penh, including dining out and entertainment, is considerably lower compared to many Western cities. This means you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the luxuries of a premium apartment and the affordability of daily life.


Living a life of luxury is an investment that people make in themselves. But still, many struggle to find the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and high-quality service. If you’re also among the same crowd, IPS Cambodia offers the best options for premium apartments in Phnom Penh for you. Connect with the best real estate agents at IPS Cambodia now to learn more about premium apartment listings, rent, and amenities offered, facilitating the best selections! Explore our top-tier portfolio to find the best real estate listings that redefine urban living.

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