List of Traffic Violations Rules and Fines in Bangalore

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Bangalore is one of the largest and Populous Cities in India, over 40% of the civilians from inter-States for Jobs and Business Activities. The Rules of Karnataka Traffic Act of 2007, Order No.309. SAEPA, is the Present Rules in Bangalore Traffic System. Bangalore is one of the fastest developing city and has over 3,900,000 Vehicles. The Traffic Police Department has particular rules for Auto Rickshaws, Cabs, Passenger Buses, Trucks, and Taxi. Today’s Bangalore Traffic Department equipped with the latest technology. Traffic Automation Centre and Traffic Intercept Vehicles are new adoptions to the department.

The Offences sentenced under Section of Law and the Traffic department manages new rules as per traffic violations. Wearing Helmets is compulsory in Bangalore and major cities of Karnataka. There are about 41 fines for different offenses. Many fines are take on Spot and some of the offenses payable in court and the court will decide the fine amounts.

The Following List of Bangalore Traffic Violations Rules and Fines Shows the Charges for Different Traffic Offences under the Section of Law of Karnataka Government.

Traffic OffencesSection of LawFine Amount (Rs.)
Dangerous Drive Two WheelerM.V.Act 1845,000
Dangerous Drive Non-Transport Vehicle (White Board)M.V.Act 1845,000
Dangerous Drive Transport Vehicle(Yellow Board)M.V.Act 1845,000
Whoever drives a Vehicle or cause Vehicle to be driven at a speed exceeding the maximum speed fixedSection 112 read with sec.183(1) & (2) of M.V. Act300
Racing & trails of speedSection.189 of M.V. Act1,000
Carrying excess passengers in 3 Wheeled Vehicle) Transport Vehicles including busesSection 177 of the M.V. Act1,000 per extra
Drunken DriveM.V.Act 18510,000
No ParkingSection 177 of M.V. Act100
Demanding Excess Fare & refusal to come for hire etc., by Autorickshaw Driver or Taxi DriverRule 13 (U) of the KMV Rules read with Section 177 of the M.V. ActFirst time 100/-, 2nd & subsequent offences 300/-
Defective Fare Meter16 Clause (K)100
Defective Silencer16 Clause 120100
Emitting Black Smoke
Or emission test.
190 Clause (2)1,000
Shrill Horn190 Clause (2)100
Without Permit190 Clause 192Court Fine
Without Driving License Two WheelerSec.3 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act.5,000
Without Driving License Non-Transport VehicleSec.3 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act.5,000
Without Driving License Transport VehicleSec.3 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act.5,000
Driving a Motor Vehicle in any public place by an under-aged personSec.4 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act.500
Owner of a Motor Vehicle permitted any person to drive his/her vehicle in contravention of section 3 or 4Sec.5 read with Sec.180 of the M.V. Act.1000
Jumping Traffic SignalRule 119, read with section 177, M.V. Act1,000
Wrong Parking190 Clause 117100
Cutting Yellow Lane/Lane Discipline190 Clause 119100
Defective Number Plate190 Clause 50100
No Entry190 Clause 115100
H.T.V. Prohibited115 R/w 177100
Without Uniform14 R/w 177100
Without I.C14 R/w 106500
Without F.C14 R/w 56Court Fine
Defective Head Light14 R/w 106100
Without Tail Light14 R/w 250100
Driving any Motor Vehicle without a number plateRule 50 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules read with section 177 of the M.V. ActFirst time 100/-, 2nd & subsequent offences 300/-
Footboard Traveling94 Clause (2)100
Gents Traveling Ladies Seat in BMTC Bus94 Clause (4)100
Holding / using Mobile Phone while Driving/riding a VehicleSection 230 (A) KMVR R/W Sec 177, I.M.V Act100
Not wearing Helmet to head while riding the Vehicle230 of the KMVR 1989 in sub-rule (1)100
Triple ridingSection 128 (1), MV Act R/W sec 177 MV Act100
Wrong Parking + Towing charges (2 Wheeler)-750
Wrong Parking + Towing charges (Car)-1,350
Wrong Parking + Towing charges (HGV)-1,600
Driving without wearing Seat Belt-100
Using Black Film/Other MaterialsSEC 100 CMVR R/W 177, MV ACTFirst time 100/-, 2nd & subsequent offenses 300/-

Traffic OffencesSection of LawFine Amount (Rs.)
Footpath Vendor92 (G)Court Fine
Stray Cattle92 (e)Court Fine
No Entry for Cycle92 (b)Court Fine
without Light for Cycle92 (a)Court Fine
Jay WalkerRule 6, 18 K.T.C.ActCourt Fine

Note: The above data is accurate at the time of gathering the data. Rules and Fines could change.

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