Largest Temples in the World

There are several religions on the earth, each of which worships its personal deity. There are hundreds of thousands of temples across the world, some of which are the largest and are located in popular tourist areas. Temples were built to meet the needs of Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and people of other faiths.

Angkor Wat Temple

Angkor Wat is the world’s biggest temple complex, located in Angkor, Cambodia, and was constructed in the 12th century by King Suryavarman II. This is the world’s biggest temple, situated on a huge plot of ground encircled by a water tank. The temple’s an outside wall is 3.6 kilometers long, and the temple is built in the Khmer classical style. This is the country’s biggest attraction. The temple has become a symbol of Cambodia and is shown on the country’s flag. It is also considered one of the world’s historical wonders.

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The Karnak temple complex, after Angkor Wat, is the world’s second-largest temple complex. It is located in Egypt and is one of the country’s most visited sites. Several temples, water tanks, and sculptures may be found at Karnak. This is an exceptionally old temple that was constructed during the Ptolemaic period. The Hypostyle Hall in the Karnak complex is a well-known structure; it spans 5,000 square meters and features 134 huge columns arranged in 16 rows. The 122 columns stand at a height of 10 meters, while some stand at a height of 21 meters and have a diameter of more than three meters. It also includes one of the world’s largest obelisks, which weighs 328 tons and is 29 meters tall.

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This is one of Indonesia’s biggest temples, established in the 9th century in Magelang, Central Java. The UNESCO World Heritage site includes a shrine to the Lord Buddha as well as a Buddhist pilgrimage center. The Temple has six square platforms that are bordered by three circular platforms, and it is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. The main dome, which is positioned in the middle of the top platform, is surrounded by 72 sitting Buddha statues. The building of this temple in the 9th century took roughly 75 years. The overall size is around 2,500 square meters.

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Akshardham Temple

Akshardham is a huge Hindu temple in Delhi, India, that was officially opened in 2005. It is located on the banks of the Yamuna River and has a massive complex of gardens and monuments, with the major structures standing 43 meters tall, 96 meters broad, and 110 meters long. There are also 20,000 murtis, 234 ornately carved pillars, and sculptures of sadhus and worshippers.

Akshardham Temple
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Sri Ranganathaswamy

This temple, which spans 156 acres in Srirangam, Tiruchirapalli District, Tamil Nadu, India, is one of the world’s biggest complexes. This Hindu temple is devoted to Ranganatha (Vishnu), and it features 21 gopurams (temple towers), 39 pavilions, 50 shrines, and a hall with 1000 pillars. It is surrounded by 7 homocentric walls with a total length of almost 6 miles.


The Buddhist Temple in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, was built by King Mahasena in the 3rd century AD and took 15 years to finish. It is also the third-highest structure in the ancient world after the Pyramid of Giza. The base of the tower is 8.5 meters deep, with 93 million baked bricks weighing 166 kilograms apiece. The temple stands at a height of 122 meters, with a dome diameter of 95 meters.

Tikal (Temple IV)

Tikal is one of the Mayan Civilization’ biggest archaeological sites, located in Guatemala in Latin America and the Caribbean. There are numerous temples like this in Tikal, but the fourth one is the largest and most important. It was completed in 741 AD and reaches 64.6 meters tall from its backing platform. The Temple IV at Tikal is the Maya civilization’s grandest temple. It has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Brihadeeswarar Temple

Brihadeeshwara Temple, also known as Peruvudaiyaar Temple, is India’s biggest temple and has magnificent historical architecture. This temple may be found in Thanjavur, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The whole temple is composed of granite stones, making it the first full granite temple in the world. The main tower of the temple stands at 66 meters, and the Nandi figure, which is carved out of a single rock, is around 16 feet long and 13 feet tall. Raja Raja Chola erected this temple in 1010 AD. The temple claimed to employ 600 individuals in various roles.

Temple of Bacchus

This Bacchus (Roman deity) Temple is located in Baalbek, Lebanon, and is devoted to him. The Temple was constructed in 150 AD and is 66 meters long, 35 meters broad, and 31 meters tall, with 42 Corinthian columns. It is one of the oldest and most significant buildings in the world.

Meenakshi Amman Temple

This Hindu temple is located on the banks of the Vaigai River in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The Goddess Parvati is honored in the Meenakshi temple. The Temple, which towers at 51.9 meters (the highest Gopuram in the world), attracts millions of visitors each year. This temple is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations and one of the country’s biggest temples. This temple was constructed between 1623 and 1655 CE and was one of the top 30 new wonders of the world nominees.

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