Top Largest Buildings in the World by Largest usable space

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1. Boeing Everett Factory

This Factory is the Boeing’s assembly place for an excerption of the company’s largest aircraft, situated in Everett in Washington, USA and the total Floor area spread about 398,000 square meters, total volume of area is 13.3 million square meters. This Boeing Factory originally built for construction of the 747.

Boeing factory
Photo Credit: Alan Rolfe

2. Target Import Warehouse

It is originally constructed to distribute imported product to internet Target dispersion centers. This Warehouse is located in Lacey in Washington, USA and built in the floor area of 185,000 square meters, and total volume of covered are is about 7.43 square meters.Target Import WarehousePhoto Credit: riotinmyskull

3. Jean-Luc Lagardere Plant

This is the assembly site of the Airbus A380 one of the world’s largest Airliner, located in Toulouse in Blagnac in France and its total floor area spread 122,500 square meters, total volume 5.6 million square meters.

Jean-Luc Lagardere PlantPhoto Credit: A380spotter

4. Aerium

This was a hanger built for the construction of a giant airship, this building now houses to artificial tropical resort called Tropical Islands. A hanger located in Halbe in Brandenburg, Germany and the total volume of area is about 5.2 million square meters, Total floor area spread about 70,000 square meters.

AeriumPhoto Credit: GrischaPhoto

5. Meyer Werft

This is one of the largest german shipyards, situated in Papenburg in Germany built in 1795, originally built for cruise ships. The total floor space of this shipyard is 63,000 square meters, usable space is about 4.72 million square meters.

Meyer WerftPhoto Credit: harry_nl

6. NASA Vehicle Assembly Building

It is the Assembly Building and shelter for 4 Saturn V rockets, originally built to enable simultaneous, situated in Brevard Country in Florida, USA. The total floor area of this assembly building is 32, 374, and built in the space of 3.66 million square meters.

NASA Vehicle Assembly BuildingPhoto Credit:  BrianMoranHDR
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