World’s Largest Building by Floor Space

1. Abraj Al-Bait Towers

This is the Building complex located in Mecca in Saudi Arabia which is constructed started in 2004. This building also holds many records such as the tallest hotel in the world, tallest clock tower in the world, and largest clock space, the building has a floor area of 1,500,000 square meters and has 120 floors.

Abraj al bait towers
Photo by Marqua1 via Flickr

2. Dubai International Airport

This Airport is situated in the Al Garhoud in Dubai, and the main airport of Dubai. As one of the largest airports in the world, it is the 13th busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic and the 4th busiest airport in the world by international traffic. The total floor area of this airport is 1,185,000 square meters, the length of this airport is 25,300 meters.

3. CentralWorld

Central World is a Complex and Shopping Plaza, situated in Bangkok in Thailand and opened to service in 1990. The Complex includes an office tower and hotel, theatres, Stores, and This Complex is owned by Central Pattana. The total floor area of this building is about 1,024,000 square meters.

Central World, Thailand
Photo by Dmitry Kugarov via Flickr

4. Aalsmeer Flower Auction

This is the flower auction located in Aalsmeer in the Netherlands and also the largest flower auction in the world, it covers a floor area of 990,000 square meters.

Aalsmeer Flower Auction
Photo by raggarwa via Flickr

5. Beijing Capital International Airport

This is the main international airport which is located in Beijing in China and also ranks as the world’s busiest airport in the world and the 14th busiest airport in the world by cargo traffic. The airport covers a total floor area of 986,000 square meters.

Beijing Capital International Airport
Image by Benny1900 from Pixabay

6. The Venetian Macao

It is the hotel and casino resort in Macau, the construction of this building was completed and opened for services in 2007 which has 980,000 square meters of floor space, the resort has 3000 suites, 3400 slot machines,800 gambling tables, and 15,000 seat arena for entertainment & sports events.

The Venetian Macao
Photo by whc7294 via Flickr

7. Berjaya Times Square

This is the twin tower complex, situated in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia which is opened to service in 2003, it contains a shopping center, theatres, entertainment attractions, five-star hotels,s and has more than 1000 stores and services. It covers 700,000 square meters of floor area and has 48 floors.

Berjaya Times Square
Photo by IQRemix via Flickr

8. Central Park Jakarta Complex

Central Park is a Complex of mixed-use including a shopping mall, office tower, apartment, and hotel covering a floor area of 655,000 square meters. It is situated in Jakarta in Indonesia, and the building has parking space for over 6000 cars.

Central Park Jakarta Complex
Photo by Daniel S. Thomas via Flickr

9. The Palazzo

The Palazzo is a luxury hotel and casino resort located in Las Vegas opened for services in 2007, its spread in a floor area of 645,581 square meters. It has a total of 3,068 rooms and is the largest building in the USA by floor space.

10. Grand Indonesia

It is a mixed-use complex including Residences, Office towers, Shopping malls, hotels covering a total floor area of 640,000 square meters, situated in Jakarta in Indonesia. The shopping center is cover eight levels and is separated into three main districts, the specialty, the main mall, and the Crossroads of the World district.

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