Top Historical Sites and Monuments in Switzerland

Augusta Raurica

This is the theatre built in around 15 BC in the ancient roman period in the Europe continent and it is located in Giebenacherstrasse, Augst in Switzerland. This is also archaeological museum and one of the well known Historical Background in Switzerland.

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This is the attractive ancient roman site in Switzerland and it was the capital of the Helvetians. IT is still unclear exactly when it was founded. It is located in the Ancient Rome period in the city of Avenches of Switzerland. The Continent is Europe for Aventicum.

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Batiment des Forces Motrices

This stone edifine is an old hydroelectric station with huge water tank attached to the Building built in the style of fine arts and anchored in the middle of Rhone. This Historical Place situated in Batiment des Forces Motrices, Place des Volontaires, 1204, Geneva in Switzerland.

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Benedictie Convent St. John Mustair

This convent founded in 8th century and now it is museum, visitors can explore inside this building. This convent situated in Mustair of Switzerland, painting and architecture is one of the few best. This structure stands within the beautiful landscape.

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Bex Salt Mines

The Bex Salt Mines is the salt mining industry operated since 17th century up until present day and built in the period of Early Modern (1500AD-1800AD). Bex Salt Mine is the Historical attraction in Town of Bex. The Salt Mine is Located in the Route des Mines de sel, CP 277 1880, Bex, Switzerland.

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Castle of Chenaux

This castle situated in the small medieval town of Estavayaer, and founded in 14th century. The town Estavayer is witness to long history including this castle. This is one of the Historical and beautiful castle in Switzerland.

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Castle Sargans

It also houses the Sarganserland Museum, the original material that used in the castle for all purpose of managing and war are exhibited. This castle situated in Sargans in Switzerland.

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Chateau de Prangins

This is the National Historical Monument and positioned above Lake Geneva. It is converted as museum to see the visitors about the history of this Monument and it covers Parks, cannon, wall clock. This Site located in the Musee national suissee, 1197, Prangins in Switzerland.

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Church San Gueg

This Church was built in around 1480, and inside this church most valuable works of art. Church San Gueng situated in Gaste info Lavi, 7543, Lavin in Switzerland.


Einsiedeln Abbey

It is founded in 835 AD by the monk, and is the popular pilgrimage and tourist site in Switzerland. Einsiedeln Abbey located in the Kloster Einsiedeln, CH-8840, Einsiedeln in Switzerland.

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Fort Vallorbe

This is the fort used in the World War II to store artillery, munitions storage including Hospitals, built in 1941 in Fort de Pre Giroud, 1337 Vailorbe in Switzerland.



It is the Church built in the 853 AD, and famous for historical and architectural. Fraumunster located in the Stadthausqual 19, 8001 Zrich in Switzerland.

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Geneva Museum of Art and History

This Museum is largest in Switzerland and home to impressive collections, located in Rue Charles Galland 2, CH-1206 in Geneva.



Grossmunster (Great Minster) is a popular medieval church in Zurich with a history dating to Charlemagne. Surely, it is said that this Frankish king constructed the first personification of Grossmunster on the site where he found sculpts of the city’s patrons, Felix and Regula.

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Gruyeres Castle

Gruyeres Castle (Chateau de Gruyeres) is a colorful medieval castle which was the seat of aristocracy towards centuries. This castle situated in the Rue du Chateau, 1663, Gruyeres in Western Europe.

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Le Chateau de Grandson

There is a Gothic fortress dating back to amongst the 11th and 14th centuries. This Gothic fortress has been well- asserted and is in magnificent status.

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Museum Castle Kyburg

Kyburg Castle is alighted high up over the river Toss. Kyburg is Eastern Switzerland’s most crucial feudal castle and now home to newly arranged museum. It is situated in Museum Schloss Kyburg, 8314 Kyburg in Switzerland.

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National Museum Zurich

The National Museum Zurich (Landesmuseum Zurich) exhibits some one million presentations relating to Swiss history and culture. This Museum located in Landesmuseum Zurich, Museumstrasse 2, 8021 Zurich in Switzerland. From ancient artifacts to gothic costume and advanced furniture, the National Museum Zurich covers a various range of depicted objects and periods, from the prehistoric to current day.

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Palais des Nations

It is built in 1930 as home to League of Nations. Now at a distance of some 600 metres, the grand Palais des Nations is where one finds various important factors of the UN, admitting its Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights and Human Rights Council.

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Ruine of Steinberg Castle

It stands on the rocky hills with beautiful sceneries, and located in the village of Ardez. Steinsberg castle stays freely reachable at all times; guided tours of the castle in the summer.

Tarasp Castle presiding over the Lower Engadine

This castle stands in the top of the rocky Hill and with great view around this castle. Castle Tarasp, dating back to the 11th century, eclipses the eponymous neighborhood in the Upper Engadine.

The Reformation Monument

The Reformation Monument in Geneva is a testimonial to the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland which happened in the 16th century. It was in 1909, on the 400th anniversary of the birth of Jean Calvin that construction of the Reformation Monument began, with its location next to the city’s historic justificatory walls in Geneva.

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The Rietberg Museum

The Rietberg Museum exhibits a world famous collection of art from non-European cultures including from America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. The Rieberg Museum is located in Zurich in Switzerland of European continent.

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