Top Countries with Highest HIV-AIDS Deaths


The Deaths from HIV-AIDS estimated in the year of 2009 and most of the deaths found in the region of Africa countries. HIV-AIDS is one of the dangerous diseases and cures not yet found completely. South Africa is the country with highest HIV-AIDS deaths is 310,000 estimated on 2009, Nigeria in the second position with 220,000 deaths, India with 170,000 deaths and holds thirds positions. The causes of the deaths may be by lack of awareness about the disease. African countries are economically weak and low GDP and HIV-infected peoples are not able to get their medicine, many international social services come forward to help victims. The following list of the HIV-AIDS infected countries estimated in 2009 on availed sources.

RankCountryHIV/AIDS - deathsDate of Information
1South Africa310,0002009 est.
2Nigeria220,0002009 est.
3India170,0002009 est.
4Tanzania86,0002009 est.
5Zimbabwe83,0002009 est.
6Kenya80,0002009 est.
7Mozambique74,0002009 est.
8Uganda64,0002009 est.
9Malawi51,0002009 est.
10Zambia45,0002009 est.
11Cameroon37,0002009 est.
12Cote d'Ivoire36,0002009 est.
13Thailand28,0002009 est.
14China26,0002009 est.
15Ukraine24,0002009 est.
16Ghana18,0002009 est.
17Burma18,0002009 est.
18United States17,0002009 est.
19Burundi15,0002009 est.
20Lesotho14,0002009 est.
21Vietnam14,0002009 est.
22Colombia14,0002009 est.
23Sudan12,0002009 est.
24Chad11,0002009 est.
25Central African Republic11,0002009 est.
26Angola11,0002009 est.
27Indonesia8,3002009 est.
28Togo7,7002009 est.
29Haiti7,1002009 est.
30Burkina Faso7,1002009 est.
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