Top Countries with Highest Crude Oil Import

Crude Oil is available in many reserved countries, but some of the countries producing highly for their economic balance, and exporting that directly as crude to the proposed countries. India, Japan, the USA, China and other major countries have a shortage of Oil and that importing from Exporting gulf and other oil reserved countries. The United States of America takes the first position on Highest Crude Oil Export with 9 million barrels per day estimated in the year 2009, China, Japan and India respectively in next positions. The top countries listed below on highest crude oil import with basic details.

1United States9,013,0002009 est.
2China5,422,0002012 est.
3Japan3,384,0002009 est.
4India2,768,0002009 est.
5Korea, South2,590,0002012 est.
6Germany1,961,0002009 est.
7Italy1,591,0002010 est.
8France1,428,0002009 est.
9Spain1,046,0002009 est.
10Netherlands964,1002009 est.
11United Kingdom942,1002009 est.
12Singapore883,5002009 est.
13Taiwan794,9002011 est.
14Thailand793,9002011 est.
15Canada791,1002009 est.
16Belgium624,5002009 est.
17Poland547,9002011 est.
18Belarus431,3002009 est.
19Virgin Islands425,0002009 est.
20Brazil412,5002009 est.
21South Africa402,3002009 est.
22Australia380,9002009 est.
23Sweden380,1002009 est.
24Greece355,6002009 est.
25Turkey284,4002009 est.
26Indonesia265,4002011 est.
27Switzerland258,2002011 est.
28Bahrain256,0002011 est.
29Aruba227,0002009 est.
30Israel224,4002009 est.
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