Countries by Manpower Available for Military Service

The military is the power to protect their land and outside that, it keeps control inside the country. Humans have been on earth for thousands of years with war and blood for land, empire, and freedom. Today’s generation developed with rules and regulations with many agreements between the countries to avoid Wars and stay peaceful. As you know China takes first place and India in Second Position on Manpower available for Military Purpose. The Report below with both Male and Female Adults are eligible and above 16 and below 49 years old to serve in Army Services.

Image by Defence-Imagery from Pixabay
RankCountriesMales age 16-49Females age 16-49Total ManpowerYear of Estimation
1China318,265,016300,323,611618,588,627(2010 est.)
2India249,531,562240,039,958489,571,520(2010 est.)
3United States60,620,14359,401,941120,022,084(2010 est.)
4Indonesia54,264,29953,274,361107,538,660(2010 est.)
5Brazil38,993,98944,841,66183,835,650(2010 est.)
6Pakistan37,945,44037,381,54975,326,989(2010 est.)
7Bangladesh23,239,86625,642,54948,882,415(2010 est.)
8Mexico20,431,03526,381,51846,812,553(2010 est.)
9Russia22,390,43121,540,32243,930,753(2010 est.)
10japan20,142,94021,427,79241,570,732(2010 est.)
11Philippines20,405,84721,098,10241,503,949(2010 est.)
12Vietnam20,839,97619,867,68340,707,659(2010 est.)
13Nigeria17,664,51017,340,81635,005,326(2010 est.)
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