World’s Top 20 Countries of Internet Users

The list of Countries of Internet users refers the Notable Telecommunication sources, the Internet Users mentioned with the percentage of total population of particular countries. The Internet users listed from any device and services such as landlines, wireless, data card, mobile, satellite ext. China is the largest country of Internet users with total users of 456 million users, United States and Japan respectively in 2nd and 3rd position. A worldwide user of Internet is only 35% of total population (7 Billion).

The list of Top 20 Countries by Largest Internet Users with total internet users, the source of the list from notable International data of telecommunication.

Internet Users
Total Population
Percentage of Population
1 China456,238,4641,347,350,00033.86
2 United States243,542,822314,053,00077.55
3 Japan102,063,316127,530,00080.03
4 India87,983,1011,210,193,4227.27
5 Brazil81,748,504192,376,49642.49
6 Germany66,825,98681,859,00081.64
7 Russia59,937,788143,117,00041.88
8 United Kingdom52,996,18062,262,00085.12
9 France51,879,48065,350,00079.39
10 Nigeria45,944,229166,629,00027.57
11 Korea, South$40,708,38948,580,00083.80
12 Mexico$34,865,345112,336,53831.04
13 Italy$32,610,04460,813,32653.62
14 Turkey$30,981,60174,724,26941.46
15 Pakistan$30,943,124180,309,00017.16
16 Spain$30,940,41746,185,69766.99
17 Canada$27,547,94934,879,40078.98
18 Philippines24,975,04492,337,85227.05
19 Vietnam$24,685,80387,840,00028.10
20 Poland23,970,57138,501,00062.26
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